Josh Paler Lin Presents The 'Little Security Prank'

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The man who brought us all the Homeless V.S. Rich Prank is back again with another video but this time it's out of pure fun with his little security guards by his side.

(Video Below)

Armed with two deadly security guards, Lin picks some trouble with a few song bathers and people enjoying their days at the beach.

He has two mock bodyguards would pretty much fit the build of what we all would expect a security guard to look like walk past while he's really waiting for the real cavalry to come through and take care of business.

After multiple warnings from Lin he calls up his security who are in a much smaller form and they come through to restore order on the beach.

Some of the best parts of this video is the fact that Lin actually manages to get a kiss from some beautiful beach goers, told off by people who call themselves hippy and tried to kidnap his security and there is a pretty funny surprise at the end of the prank where Lin gets a taste of his own medicine.

This is one of Lin's lighter pranks but in the past he's posted ones that show the true meaning of being a human being.

You can check out more of Lin's videos on his YouTube Channel.

Watch the "Little Security Prank"