The Jonas Family's Dream of Opening A Restaurant Is Turned Into A Food Network Special

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While the Jonas family has fulfilled their dreams of becoming one of the most successful families in music, beginning on Monday, December 26, at 7pm ET/PT they are embarking on a new adventure - helping their parents realize a dream of opening a restaurant.

This family will take Food Network viewers along for every step of this new journey during the half-hour special Jonas Restaurant: Family Style.

The culinary industry is tough, and it is even tougher without any experience, and with only one week until the grand opening these aspiring restaurant-owners will need the help and support of their whole family!

"For years the Jonas family has entertained audiences with their music, and now we are thrilled to showcase their passion for entertaining with food," said Didi O'Hearn, Senior Vice President Programming, Food Network & Cooking Channel.

"In this behind-the-scenes special, viewers will see the hard work that goes into opening a new restaurant, and they will be amazed at how the Jonas family comes together to get the job done."

Kevin Jonas Sr.

and his wife Denise have spent the past decade helping to grow their sons' musical careers, and have now returned to Belmont, North Carolina to pursue their dream of opening a restaurant that pays tribute to Kevin Sr.'s grandmother, Nellie, as she was the perfect picture of Southern hospitality.

Their vision is to create a true Southern country wonderland, filled with delicious food and live music.

With only seven days to complete construction, hire and train the wait staff, and test the recipes before they open the doors, the whole family must come together to get everything done in time.

It is all hands on deck, as Frankie Jonas taste tests the dishes, Kevin Jonas lends a hand with the restaurant's construction, and Joe Jonas shares some helpful lessons with his dad that he learned from his experience opening a restaurant in LA. Nick Jonas also joins to support his parents and celebrate the milestone as Nellie's Southern Kitchen opens its doors for the first time to serve delicious Southern cuisine.

To mark the occasion, Joe and his band DNCE give a special surprise performance for all the attendees to enjoy. Classic comfort food, excellent entertainment, and the entire family coming together is the Jonas family recipe for success!