Jon Bellion's 'All Time Low' Tops Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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On Tuesday Jon Bellion released a brand new track titled, "All Time Low," with fans still raving about his earlier release "Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction)" and in just a few days the track has made it to the number one spot on Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart.

There is no surprise that Bellion continuously makes it to the number one spot on the Emerging Artists Chart with his music. "All Time Low" for example, shows what a "Beautiful Mind" can create. It's not hard to create a catchy hit, just ask Meghan Trainor about "All About That Bass." What's difficult to do is create catchy pop tunes with the amount of substance soul that goes into each song.

This is where Bellion wins. He tells a story of hitting rock bottom after losing the woman he loved.

Even further, Bellion pays tribute to one of the most influential singer songwriter duos Simon and Garfunkel.

In a pre-hook Bellion sings "Lie-La-Lie," a popular piece that was borrowed from Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer." It's certainly not the first time Bellion references one of these legendary singers either.

In his track "Pre-Occupied" featuring his friend Blaque Keyz Bellion raps, "No cash, broke bad, so damn Heisen-Berg, check the chemistry, I found this hybrid, It's Dilla in the pocket but it's so Paul Simon."

Dilla inspired production paired with the singer-songwriter influences of Simon and Garfunkel, we dare you to find another young artist that's doing what Bellion is doing.

But don't take our word for it, check out "All Time Low," above and if you like it you can find more Jon Bellion on his SoundCloud page.

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