Joey Bada$$ 'Christ Conscious' Song And Music Video Proves He Is The New Face Of Old School Hip-Hop

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Rapper Joey Bada$$ is one of the young up and coming artists who has made a name for himself by embracing the old school style of hip-hop and today he continues that notion with the release of "Christ Conscious."

The song itself sounds like something that old school rap fans would hear on a Mobb Deep or Onyx album. The beat is entirely reminiscent of the 90's era of rap.

The lyrics are playful yet gritty and it just flows well together.

"Joey Bada$$ has his 'B4.DA.$$' album on the way, but we still don't know when it'll officially arrive," reported

"Last week, the Brooklyn rapper dropped off his latest offering 'Get Paid,' and today he's back as planned with a new song (and video) titled 'Christ Conscious.'"

If this is any indication of what his fans will expect from the "B4.DA.$$" project then they are in for one nostalgic treat. The music will send you back to an earlier decade in hip-hop, not just because of the beat and his lyrics, but the way that they are combined just seems to work in a way that's unexplainable.

The music video also has that old flare with him wearing a bucket hat and oversized hockey jersey while walking and rhyming through concrete and brick building before breaking out into a graffiti filled NYC setting with some friends.

Bada$$ has jumped dimensions with this one.

Check out the video for "Christ Conscious"