Jim Parsons Plays 5 Second Rule On The Ellen Show

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Jim Parsons, star of The Big Bang Theory, visited The Ellen Show and had a pretty big showdown with Ellen DeGeneres in a game of "5 Second Rule." The showdown made for a ton of fun, as expected with one of the shows most popular games.

DeGeneres explained the game to Parsons, and in her first round, she just couldn't think of anything she would ever re-gift someone.

Parsons jokingly said, "that's how it's done." The actor managed to get through his first round right down to the wire.

DeGeneres got through her second round just fine, and Parsons had some hilarious answers for three things he would "bang."

The answers included: a theory, an intimate loved one, and fireworks.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres was asked to name three things you could do in the snow, and she chose make a snow angel, pee, and run.

That's a pretty strange -- but funny -- trio of events to carry out in the snow.

DeGeneres wasn't quite sure about some of Parsons' answers but she still let them slide.

You can check out all of the 5 Second Rule fun with Jim Parsons in The Ellen Show video below. You can catch Jim Parsons in the film Hidden Figures, which hits theaters on January 7.

Jim Parsons Plays 5 Second Rule On The Ellen Show

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