Jim Gaffigan Talks 'The Jim Gaffigan Show' With Howard Stern

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Comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan brought his comedic mind to the Howard Stern radio show for what might have been one of the best interviews this week.

Gaffigan began by speaking on the fact that his friends all have different views and how much he enjoys learning from them, Stern countered by saying that he doesn't have friends like that.

Cue Gaffigan's jokes about Saddam Hussein and Hitler.

"Jim said he's not sure you'd want to be friends with Saddam Hussein but you might say that he's nice to you," according to MarksFriggin. "He said Hitler might have thrown a nice dinner party."

He continued to talk about the fact that he has five kids and often jokes about it such as he did in the "Glenn and Jim Gaffigan Talk Unity Over Politics" trailer.

He told Stern that it wasn't a matter of religion according to MarksFriggin.

Gaffigan said that it was a choice, just like it was a choice to have his children born in their home, to which he said he was not uncomfortable with.

Gaffigan revealed that he does a lot of his writing with his wife whom he'd met at a local neighborhood deli.

"Howard said Jim learned to be a stand up by being an account manager," according to the MarksFriggin wrap-up.

"Howard brought up his first gig which was at a business thing. Jim said he took an improv class and someone dared him to do stand up. He said that he did it in a really silly way and he had to unlearn some of what he did.

Howard said Jim did the Letterman production and the show didn't do anything. Jim said it was a great opportunity. He said he played the character and he wasn't allowed to write his own lines."

Gaffigan now has control over "The Jim Gaffigan Show" that premieres on TV Land July 15.

He says that it sometimes gets boring doing the same jokes over and over again but you have to switch up the order a bit to make it different.

Included in the last leg of the interview was the fact that Gaffigan clowns Arnold Schwarzenegger because of the fact that he can't say the name of the state he governs. Some of the comedians he admires are Chris Rock, Dave Attell, Louis C.K. and Bill Burr. With another plug of "The Jim Gaffigan Show," the interview was over wrapping up a pretty funny bit.