Jim Breuer Tells Howard Stern About His New Album, Early Career and More

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Actor, comedian, author and now musician Jim Breuer stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to talk about his new album Songs From the Garage, his career and much more.

Stern introduced Breuer who has taken a path away from his comedic career and turned into a rock star. He has an album out titled, Songs From the Garage that is currently available and it is pretty much in the heavy metal realm.

The spoke a bit about what it would have been like had Breuer gotten the job as the lead singer of AC/DC instead of Axl Rose.

"Howard asked Jim about how he got started and if he was doing other comedian's material. Jim said he was," according MarksFriggin.

"He said he did Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. He did his Richard Pryor impression and did some of that for Howard."

Breuer and Stern talked about his parenting habits and his 17-year-old daughter who he warns not to bring a baby home. Breuer seems to be getting tired of being on the road and wants to settle down.

Breuer is pretty strict with his daughter and does not let her see her boyfriend during the week.

Breuer broke into a story about tracking his daughter down after she asked to be picked up by her boyfriend and it was pretty detailed.

The entire interview was pretty entertaining as Stern and his listeners got to learn a lot more about the quadruple-threat that is Jim Breuer.

You can listen to some of the highlights of the interview in the audio below. His album Songs From the Garage is out now.

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