Jewel Talks Her New Book, Neglected Childhood, 'Picking Up The Pieces' & More on Howard Stern

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Today Howard Stern was treated to a visit by one of his favorite artists, Jewel.

Jewel stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to talk about her new book Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story and new album Picking Up The Pieces.

Jewel recently went through a divorce with Ty Murray and it became on of the opening points for Stern who asked how she juggled a divorce, being a single parent, writing a new book and recording a new album all at the same time.

"Jewel said that she had to learn to be a single mom," according to MarksFriggin.

"Jewel said she also had to get out of her marriage with Ty. Howard asked if they still have a good relationship. Jewel said that they have to for their son.

Howard said he doesn't know how she does that. Jewel said it's tough. She said that the child deserves it though."

When Stern asked if she and Murray could ever love each other again, Jewel said that since they don't hang out anymore she didn't see it as a possibility, according to the Stern recap. Stern admitted that Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story made him sad and questioned Jewel about going to therapy, which she said she recommends.

According to Jewel's statements, she had to think really hard about breaking her family up and even considers it a tremendous failure on her part.

"Howard said it seems to him that there are so many sad stories and it's a miracle that she's there in one piece," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said Jewel grew up in Alaska. He asked if her therapist was a man or a woman. She said it was a man. She said she's good with both.

Howard said in the book she talks about how she was sexualized from the age of 8. Howard said she must have never felt safe. Howard said men were even into her at the age of 8. Howard said men are creepy."

Jewel said she used her emotions as her alarm and had men all figured out before she was able to make a music profession out it.

Shockingly enough Jewel's recount of a very neglected childhood gave listeners a lot of insight into her early life.

She was allowed to hitchhike to and from school, in fifth grade was allowed to be driven to Anchorage by a man she didn't know to see her mother and later on found out he was a "child porn guy" in her words.

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Stern and Jewel also dove deeper into her mother who he says was a horrible person however, Jewel let's her mother manage her now. Jewel and Stern talked about how much her career was mismanaged and she even performed her new single, "My Father's Daughter". Insightful would be an understatement when referring to this interview.

There is a lot to Jewel that extends far beyond her success and then fizzle. With her new book and Picking Up The Pieces, Jewel is making a necessary resurgence. You can check out the full interview here.