Jennifer Lopez Talks Drake and More On The Ellen Show

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The Internet could not get enough of Jennifer Lopez and Drake's Instagram photos and she finally discussed what it was all about on The Ellen Show.

Lopez finally put the rumors aside and came clean about her love life during her recent sit down with Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres told Lopez must be so tired because of everything that is going on in her life. Lopez said she always takes on more than she already has and agreed with DeGeneres that she still takes bites while she is already chewing. DeGeneres brought up the rumors of next year's Super Bowl halftime show.

However, Lopez said she thinks people want her to do the halftime show but it nothing has been confirmed. Lopez said if she was asked to she would love to do it.

Meanwhile, Lopez promised to give tickets to her Vegas show to the audience members if DeGeneres went to see the show. DeGeneres slyly brought up the post Valentine's Day hangout with Drake.

The show rolled some images of the two hanging out and Lopez said they actually wrote a song together. She said Drake sent her a song that he wanted her to be on and she did.

When DeGeneres brought up the fact that Lopez dates a lot of younger men but Lopez said she doesn't. If she meets someone and she likes them then she does. The age doesn't make a difference.

In terms of the American Idol rumors of appearing on another network, Lopez wasn't sure. At this point she only heard from Keith Urban that the show was coming back.

Unfortunately, Lopez isn't sure she will be able to do the show with all that she has on her plate.

Later on Jennifer Lopez played a game of Who'd You Rather which you can check out along with her interview in The Ellen Show video below.

Jennifer Lopez Talks Drake and More On The Ellen Show