Jennifer Aniston Visits The Ellen Show

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Actress Jennifer Aniston is a good friend of The Ellen Show and host Ellen DeGeneres and recently stopped by during the holiday season to chat about an op-ed she wrote for The Huffington Post, her Thanksgiving surprise from her husband, Justin Theroux and more.

DeGeneres wanted to hear all about Theroux's surprise and Aniston was very excited to chat about it. Aniston said that Theroux was away for almost a year in Germany and came home to surprise her on Thanksgiving.

She explained that when everyone thought Theroux wasn't going to be there, they were very nonchalant. She even tried to make an annual speech like her husband would but everyone was just ready to eat.

The next thing Aniston knew, Theroux was walking in with the turkey.

Meanwhile, Aniston wrote a pretty strong op-ed for The Huffington Post with the headline, "For The Record." After weeks of speculation around a pregnancy or divorce, Aniston decided enough was enough.

DeGeneres said the piece was very eloquently written and was glad Aniston penned the piece.

Aniston said it was after the passing of her mother and she was quite thrown by a mob of paparazzi. She was fed up with the way tabloids were sort of objectifying her.

Aniston said whatever the horrible little headline is, tabloids love it and she urged everyone to stop listening, reading and buying into all of it.

It wasn't all serious during Aniston's visit, she and DeGeneres suited up into sumo suits for some fun.

You can watch Jennifer Aniston's highlights from The Ellen Show in the video below. Her latest film Office Christmas Party is scheduled to hit theaters on December 9.

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