Jane Fonda Returns to The Ellen Show

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One of Hollywood's biggest treasures Jane Fonda, returned to The Ellen Show to chat about upcoming films, her accessories and more. It was just as entertaining as her previous visits especially with her wild tiger-striped outfit.

Fonda is going to be appearing alongside Robert Redford in their fourth film together titled, Our Souls at Night. Fonda said the only problem with working alongside of Redford is that she looks into his eyes and kind of falls into his eyes.

This causes her to forget her lines and she equated it to being on The Ellen Show and falling into DeGeneres' eyes.

Fonda seems to have a huge crush on Redford and she definitely seemed to enjoy kissing him according to her interview with DeGeneres.

The actress said she has realized that she is all grown up.

In previous films they did together, she was always in love with Redford and when there were days where he didn't speak to her, she took it personally and thought he didn't like her.

Now, when Redford doesn't speak to her for a bit she approaches him and and starts up a conversation of her own.

Meanwhile, Fonda spoke about attending the Women's March and how lovely the atmosphere was. You can hear more from Fonda's interview in the awesome Ellen Show videos below.

Jane Fonda Returns to The Ellen Show