James Blake's Album 'The Colour in Anything' is Here

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UK artist and producer James Blake has release his new album The Colour in Anything and it's pretty hypnotizing.

Between the synths, pianos and haunting breaks in The Colour in Anything is a solid new release from Blake. The album opens up with the melancholic track "Radio Silence" featuring spooky and spine-tingling vocal delivery.

That happens to be the overall tone of the album which for fans of Blake is exactly what they were looking for.

(Album Stream Below)

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"On his third album, James Blake is where he has always been. A world of reverberating space, sparsely populated by stirring electronics and vocals both exquisite and distorted by the intensity of emotion (and a vocoder)," commented The Guardian.

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While listening to the album you get all of the components that makes Blake such a unique and loved artist, especially in his native UK. One of the most exciting tracks on the album comes in the form of "I Need a Forest Fire," which also features Bon Iver.

Iver and Blake share slightly similar tones in their music in both delivery and the melancholic nature that litters their songs.

Towards the climax of the song that comes in the last quarter, Iver and Blake's voices blend so beautifully it will give you goosebumps.

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Simply put Blake has delivered what is arguably one of his most complete and comprehensive projects to date. You can stream The Colour in Anything below and let us know what you think about the album in the comments below.

Listen/Stream James Blake's The Colour In Anything