Interview: Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte Talks DJing 'Breaking Beats,' Dealing With Cerebral Palsy & More

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If you were a fan of "Breaking Bad" chances are you got to see RJ Mitte shine in his role as Walter White Jr. Now, Mitte is taking some time to do something fun away from his busy schedule, DJing.

Mitte spoke to Empty Lighthouse about the "Breaking Beats" short tour, dealing with Cerebral Palsy and being on "Breaking Bad."

"Brian was awesome," said Mitte. "I worked with Anna a lot and Betsy and Dean. They were awesome and I was able to take so many things away from what they were able to teach me."

Mitte spoke high praise of his cast that included Brian Cranston, Aaron Paul, Betsy Brandt and Anna Gunn.

He also says how important the material that he and his cast members had to work with was in the success of the show.

"It was a run man, we were lucky to have such amazing material because the material is half the battle," said Mitte.

"If you don't have good material and you don't have good stories, no matter how good your actors are they can't do it. This was just a perfect cast, everyone that was a part of this cast was brilliant."

Mitte's character had Cerebral Palsy in the show and he also battles with the disorder in real life, however, it's not as bad as his character.

When it came to getting a job Mitte says it wasn't as hard to land a job as it was for other people.

"I started because of my little sister and I did extra work for two months before I booked Breaking Bad," he said.

"That's not how it works for everyone, but I was lucky that I had a pretty decent big break in the beginning."

He didn't let his disorder become a weakness and encouraged others not to do so as well.

He has also gone on record in the past to say he was bullied when he was younger and even had his hand broken by a bully.

"I never allow my disability to be a weakness, I only use it for knowledge and that's why I go and I speak about my disability," Mitte said passionately.

"So many people look at a disability as a weakness that's hindering you or preventing you from doing what you need to do. In all honesty that's not the case.

A disability is an opportunity to better yourself, to make yourself stronger, to make yourself have to fight to survive and have to fight to be who you want to be.

That's what people forget and they let their disability consume them and take control but I'm not one of those people."

Mitte is a part of an anti-bullying campaign called #CutTheBull promoting an end to something that everyone suffers at some point when growing up. Mitte says that anyone with a disability shouldn't let someone bully or manipulate them.

"That's what people try to do by using fear and intimidation and that's not okay," explained Mitte.

"They will try to tell you that you're less or beneath someone and that's not case at all. We are all equal; you're no better than the person sitting next to you on the bus."

So why DJing and why now? Well, Mitte says that he needs a break from the normal work, flying all the time and also that music is very important to him.

"I fly probably 290 days of the year and I like to have opportunities to do every aspect of my job. Music is my opportunity to have a little bit of a vacation while doing another aspect of my job."

Mitte says he has some really good ideas for his set and that he has been working on it pretty but it won't be something he does as a profession.

"I'm not going to do it professionally I'm not a professional DJ, I know a little bit about a little bit but I think I know enough that people will enjoy my set."

He revealed that there are a few people that he approached to collaborate with but says he's really trying to keep everything about "Breaking Beats" as quiet as possible.

As for whether or not Paul or Cranston will make an appearance, Mitte had this to say:

"I haven't thought about it but I see Aaron more than I see Brian actually. I don't know, I'm still trying to come up with everything and everyone is working."

As for what fans can expect from the set, well, from Mitte's taste it should be a little something for everybody.

"I enjoy all forms of music, classical, hip-hop, reggae, rock, heavy metal, I'm not a crazy pop fan but occasionally.

"Music gives people the opportunity for so many people to express who someone is.

Our job as an actor is to invoke an emotional response in someone and that's the same thing with music, it can tell us things that we don't actually hear or don't want to hear."

Mitte says that he is a Bob Marley and The Wailers fan, Motley Crue and Styx.

"At one point I had about 500,000 songs on seven or eight hard drives that I collected from mix-tapes, CDs, tapes and recordings that I had burned."

Mitte has continued to impress his fans and his message to them was, "Thank you all so much for watching me on 'Breaking Bad' and those who are watching the spin-off 'Better Call Saul.' I hope everyone enjoys my set; I'll be hitting it hard trying to get in done!"

"Breaking Beats" is scheduled for for eight shows in the April and tickets are on sale right now. Check out the tour dates below.

"Breaking Beats" Tour Dates

April 1, 2015 - Bang Bang San Diego, CA

April 2, 2015- 1015 Folsom San Francisco, CA

April 10, 2015- BB Kings New York, NY

April 11, 2015- Veranda Lyndhurst, NJ

April 17, 2015- Tempt Nightclub Murfreesboro, TN

April 18, 2015- The International Knoxville, TN

April 23, 2015- Knoxvilles Edmonton, CA

April 25, 2015- Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas, NV