Instagram Rising Athlete Laura Kopel Is All About The Booty But Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

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Social Media giant Instagram has brought some bodacious women to light but sometimes accounts such as Laura Kopel's can also spread awareness when used properly.

Normally Kopel is all about the Booty as most of the images that followers find on her page either highlight or revert back to her body more importantly her derriere. According to her Twitter and Instagram pages, she is a bodybuilder and rising athlete.

Yes her body is one of the finest that can be found on Instagram but she also uses her page to inspire and promote awareness when she can.

She posted this photo to kick off October which also happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness month with a caption reading, "October is annual Breast Cancer awareness Month! Let's kick ass and wear PINK!! Anonymous Talent @at4life is donating %100 net profits from their breast cancer awareness foundations.

Please go to and Save the Boobies!"

With almost 160K followers on Instagram a message like this could go a long way and proves that while she may be all about the booty, this month she wants everyone to be all about the boobies, well in support of saving them at least.

Fans would think that someone with her looks wouldn't have trouble finding a boyfriend and her bio insists that she is a hopeless romantic.

Showing that she cares about her followers, Kopel posted a photo to her Instagram account which showcased her views on relationships and also gives some key advice for other hopeless romantics out there.

Fitness is a key part of her life and recently she also took to her Twitter account to post a very motivational photo for anyone who is trying to get into shape.

"If you're not dripping sweat, you're not working hard enough!" read her tweet that accompanied a photo of her in very little glistening with sweat during a workout.

Fans who want motivation might want to follower her and if you're someone just looking for photos of a booty, you might find one but may be impressed by her personality and the positivity she gives off.