Insane SUV Crash Caught On Video With A Dash Cam

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Yet another dangerous car accident video has surfaced thanks to a dash cam video posted to Reddit. It seems like every week there is one of these and it's pretty insane that people continue to act careless with their vehicles.

(Video Below)

The video was initially posted to the DashCam Captures YouTube Channel and shows what could be considered a nightmare for many drivers. A highway full of speeding cars gets shaken up by a black SUV that appears to have lost control from the video.

The vehicle came flying out of control from the other side of the highway, ultimately crashing right into the car that contained the dash cam. It was all extremely sudden and the driver had no time to react at all.

In the video you can hear the reaction of someone screaming as the SUV hits the car. It's unclear whether the driver of the vehicle was the one who let out the scream or if it was a passenger in the vehicle.

There is no further information posted in the caption area for the video but this is extremely intense.

There are photos of the damage following the video. What would you do if you saw an SUV spinning out of control and headed right for your vehicle?

Check out the insane SUV crash video below.