Impatient Baby Boy Pushes Baby Girl Off A Diving Board

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This might be one of the funniest GIF's you've seen all week as a baby boy wearing his floaties pushes a baby girl who seems to be taking to long to make the plunge off the diving.

(Video/GIF Below)

The GIF surfaced on Reddit and is making it's way up the rising section. This might not be very nice of the little guy but man is it funny to watch it all go down.

A poor little girl who seems to be jumping off the diving board for the first time, nervously creeps to the front of the diving board.

She doesn't seem to want to jump at all and is taking some time to make up her mind.

Before she could even take the leap, in comes a little guy who is decked out in his floaties and appears to be younger in age. He ultimately shows he the faster route to jumping off the diving board by giving her some added encouragement in the form of a push.

It ends up send the little girl off balance and into the pool. You can see one of the adults overlooking the action let out a surprised reaction to what the little guy has done.

There were plenty of adults around so it doesn't look like either child was hurt in this case.

It just looks like the little boy got a bit too impatient and wanted to hurry the situation. Check out the hilarious GIF below.

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