Howard Stern Wack Packers Bobo & Jeff The Drunk's Periscope Accounts Clowned On

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It looks like Periscope is becoming the popular outlet for Howard Stern Wack Packers as both Bobo and Jeff The Drunk were clowned on for their personal Periscope accounts on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show.

While High Pitch Eric's Periscope account was the topic of discussion in previous weeks, Bobo and Jeff The Drunk stole the show with their own accounts. One of the most hilarious parts of these two having their own shows is that they have their own little catchphrases.

Jeff The Drunk says "Chello" while Bobo signs out of his show with "Bobobobobo out," according to MarksFriggin. They are really treating the shows like variety shows but Stern had a little fun clowning on both accounts.

"Howard said Bobo's Periscope is so hokey and douchy. He said it's awful. Howard said Bobo had bits to do," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said he takes you down to his shrine and then he put on a dunce cap and he does a bit where he puts it on and it gets caught in the ceiling fan. Howard said it's so fucking bad.

He had a clip of Bobo doing his Periscope ''test'' for the fans.

In the clip he puts on the dunce cap and then he gets hit by the ceiling fan. Bobo said he forgot the fan was on when he got hit."

Meanwhile, Jeff The Drunk told Stern that he only has one week left to live.

"Howard said he's in terrible shape. Jeff said he's serious.

Howard said he knows. Shuli said he kept getting calls from Jeff when he was at the hospital. He said he was crying on there and then he calls back saying it feels a lot better a short time later."

According to Shuli, Jeff The Drunk does cooking shows on his Periscope account but Stern said that it felt like he was constantly complaining on the show. They are also receiving a ton of free stuff by posting wish-lists on their account pages.

Now, the Stern Show is asking whether or not Wack Packers should be banned for bad Periscopes. Both Jeff The Drunk and Bobo seemed to annoy Stern but then again that's nothing new.