Howard Stern Meets Caller Laura and Her Husband Kevin

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Despite not wanting to meet with his fans, Howard Stern couldn't escape meeting Caller Laura and her husband Kevin thanks to Gary Dell'Abate who Stern called the worst producer live on the SiriusXM radio show.

Stern told listeners and the rest of the crew that if he wanted to meet fans he would continue to do standup comedy, according to MarksFriggin. he also said that he made it clear he did not want to meet with Laura during the previous call.

Laura is the persistent caller that insisted on coming in even when Robin Quivers tried to get her to get off of Stern's case.

When Laura came in, she told Stern that she couldn't take her eyes off of him and admitted to being attracted to him. Beth isn't going to like that. Meanwhile, Laura's husband Kevin has lost two brothers, one of which died from ALS. The other brother died from pancreatic cancer. Stern had encouraging words for the couple who had come all the way from California to be on the show.

"Howard said that it's a horrible thing to go through. He said now it's all worth it," according to MF.

"Howard said somewhere the brothers are smiling down on them now that they're seeing him."

However, he did ask other callers not to make the request that Laura did again. Laura's husband said that he cringed when he heard the call but Laura seemed delighted by the way she was rejected which was kinda strange to hear.

While Stern was honored, he said that he doesn't want anymore requests like this because if he answered all of them he'd have too many people coming in to the show. So, Laura and Kevin are the first and last.