Howard Stern Interviews Drew Barrymore on Her 'Wildflower' Book & Early Life

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In another day of celebrity guests on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show, the crew is visited by Drew Barrymore who gave an insightful interview on her early life, which was the basis for her new book "Wildflower."

Barrymore's "Wildflower" is a collection of her life stories. Stern began asking about her childhood and questioned whether or not she felt alone as a kid.

"She said that she has forced herself to have a very optimistic perspective on it," according to MarksFriggin.

"She said she loves a good therapy session. She said especially if it's not an ass kissing session.

She said it's like going to the gym for your brain. Drew said she left one therapist who talked sh** about her mom. She said she didn't feel safe with that woman and she had seen her for years."

Barrymore pushed a more free personality and said that she is more at peace at 40-years-old, especially after years of looking for some to replace her parents.

She was able to find a very good friend in Nancy Juvonen. Both Barrymore and Juvonen are partners in their production company and Barry more says that she appreciated Juvonen's tough love and the fact that someone actually cared.

Stern and Barrymore discussed her early years in E.T. and having Steven Spielberg as a mentor and someone that she looked up to.

She told Stern that she learned a lot after moving to Tokyo at age 7 because she was able to take in a lot as a child.

"Howard said her mother put her right to work. Drew said that she was so screwed up from her relationship with her mother," according to MF.

"Howard said Drew was her ticket to show business. Drew said she went through years of guilt and pain.

she said that the thing that was really crazy was that she felt guilt. She said she went through 30-something years of guilt. She said that it's only now that she's like it's okay."

Barrymore told Stern that she does have a relationship with her mom but she is distant. Later on Barrymore talked about introducing Juvonen to Jimmy Fallon.

Juvonen is Fallon's wife and Barrymore says he is like a brother to her.

Barrymore said that Cameron Diaz has been and is still a friend of hers and described her as someone you can rely on.

Stern had an incredibly insightful interview with Barrymore who seems to be in the best place she has ever been if you want to read the full transcript of the interview you can click here.