Is Howard Stern Done With Radio?

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On his SiriusXM show Howard Stern revealed that he would not be signing on for another season of "America's Got Talent," and with his radio contract resigning approaching fans might be wondering if he's going to resign or call it quits.

The "History of Howard Stern" radio special has been running from July 6 and will continue to run through July 17. It's a celebration of Stern's decorated experience and loyalty to his radio show that has brought entertainment to countless fans.

"The King of All Media moves to publishing, releasing Private Parts," is the subject matter for today's "History of Howard Stern."

"Shortly after the book's release, Howard Stern launches his campaign for governor. Day 6 concludes with the announcement of the Private Parts movie."

It's a little strange that Stern is choosing to have this special released just a few months before his contract resigning. He did say that he would be done the "America's Got Talent" show and really wavered on his future.

Stern has been known to build much anticipation when it comes to such decisions.

He's had quite a career on his SiriusXM show alongside Robin Quivers and the rest of his crew and "Wack Packers," like High Pitch Eric who was recently punished on the show and the introduction of Mick The Nerd, a new fan favorite.

It would be a little uncharacteristic of Stern to pull the plug on the radio show after giving fans a two week special on all the things that make him and his show special.

For now he hasn't released any information on his intentions but judging from the intensity of the special, it might be safe to say that fans can look forward to at least one more season with Stern.

Fans will have to wait until the "History of Howard Stern" special concludes to hear the official word from Stern.