How VMG's Logic Inspires Peace & The 'Logic Album 2' Hype

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Last year Visionary Music Group rapper Logic released arguably one of the best albums of the year with "Under Pressure." Now, it looks like the rapper is planning on releasing a second project as he starts the hashtag #LogicAlbum2, teasing a new project.

Recently Logic completely nailed his set at Lollapalooza but before during his set at the Grassroots Festival in Iowa, he was forced to stop the concert due to a fight that broke out in the crowd. Now, he could have continued while letting the fight go on and he could have egged it like artists who enjoy the "raging" feel of concerts.

Instead, Logic wanted to put an end to the fighting.

"Hey cut this s**t," Logic yelled at the DJ when he noticed the fight going on in the crowd. "What the f**k are y'all doing?" he questioned.

Then he looked at the fans and said "Don't just stand there while the man gets his ass whooped, help this motherf***er out.

Are we a family? Peace, love and positivity motherf***er are we hear to have a good time? Don't let no f**k boys f**k up what we got going, we got a good thing going."

In a moment that could have gotten out of hand with multiple parties getting involved, Logic used his mic for a little more that inspiration and bars, he prevented a larger fight from ensuing between the crown.

Logic wanted to promote "peace, love and positivity," things that aren't always the first that comes to mind in Hip-Hop.

Logic however, is different, if you listened to the stories he told in his album you'll know that he wants to get as far away from the experiences he went through as a child and that fight that broke out in crowd wasn't part of his persona.

When he's not breaking up fights, Logic is busy surprising fans with some pretty good news. Though it hasn't even been a full year yet, Logic began teasing "Logic Album 2" by using the hashtag on Twitter.

The tweet gained over 13K retweets and favorites from fans who have already begun expressing their excitements in his comments.

He set the bar incredibly high with "Under Pressure" so it will be very interesting to see what he has up his sleeves.

Let us know if you're excited for the upcoming project from Logic in the comments below and share your favorite track from "Under Pressure."