How To Get Away With Murder 'Freakin' Whack-a-Mole', S1 E6: Murder Update

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The episode opens with a first look at the murder scene, with the "Keating 5" students surrounding the dead body of Annalise's husband.

They conspire about framing Asher for the murder, since he was lucky enough to be the last one in possession of the trophy/murder weapon, but Michaela calls him away from the scene of the crime.

5 weeks later, they're back in class, and Annalise has a flashback to Wes confronting her about her husband being "Mr.

Darcy." Annalise later shows up at Wes' dorm room, and the pair show down. Wes gives Annalise an ultimatum: to find Rebecca, or he will tell the police everything he knows.

In a flashback, the Keating 5 are seen driving down a major street with a dead body, wrapped in blankets, in their possession. At a red light, they surprisingly stumbled upon Asher, who was crossing the street in front of them.

"It's like freaking whack-a-mole," Connor exclaimed. Yet, they went undetected.

Asher came into possession of the trophy after he was able to provide Annalise with information on her most recent case--a murderer's appeal--one that Asher's father had worked on when the original case went to court.

An update in Lila's murder case broadcasted evidence of her cellphone being found in Lila's boyfriends car.

The images of Annalise's husband set up a motive for her boyfriend to have killed her, suggesting he was being cheated on. Wes went to find Rebecca in hiding, and inform her of the news.

Rebecca, while upset the defense is a set up, listens to Wes and agrees to let Annalise do what it takes to win her case. Meanwhile, Annalise breaks down in front of her husband, telling him that she loves him.

He responds that he loves her too. Rebecca returns to Annalise, and she continues to form her defense in Lila's murder.

In the final scene, Asher and Bonnie are in bed together when Asher sees the Keating 5 at the bon fire on his phone.

Annalise calls Bonnie, asking her if she is with her husband. When she responds no and asks why, Annalise says, "Something terrible has happened."