How Is BMW's I8 Fairing After One Month On Sale

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BMW's first plug in hybrid super car arrived one month ago in the U.S. and sales have been impressive.

Put your money where your mouth is! At least that's what BMW is saying with its newest creation. For a second guessing $135,000 you can get the i8, a plug in hybrid with only three cylinders. While the engine's description may leave new buyers thinking the car will put on a lackluster performance, its whopping 357 horsepower will surely get heads turning back around. The car has a three cylinder engine and still does 0 - 60 MPH in 4.2 seconds and it tops out at 155, according to BMW. Oh, and it gets 76 MPG. The car's passenger compartment is made up of carbon fiber in order to dispel the weight of the electric battery making it light and strong. Basically, this car was built for drivers who won't settle for anything less than the best of both worlds.

The i8 is making waves around the auto industry and its sales numbers are proving it. Even though the car costs about the same as a boat (and even some small houses) it sold out in the UK over a month ago and the waiting list is reportedly 10 months, reports The Telegraph. As us Yanks, you can consider yourself lucky if you find one on the road by the end of this year considering the fact that BMW has set a target goal of only 500 U.S. sales for 2014 according to . Whether or not this is because BMW thinks American buyers won't be interested in a small engine electrical hybrid is unclear but with any luck they will start ramping up U.S. sales in 2015.

After looking at all the specs we can almost be certain that BMW's i8 may actually stand up to the automakers claim of being the Ultimate Driving Experience.