Hilarious Recreation of Cruella Deville & A Dalmatian

Disney classics are always a popular idea for children costumes around Halloween but this one is just too hilarious.

The image of an adorably devious looking girl dressed as Cruella Deville and another little one dressed as a dalmatian will have you crying tears of laughter.

(Image Below)

The image was posted to Reddit and was originally uploaded to Imgur, a viral image site.

The accuracy of the costumes in this photo alone are sure to impress, however, it's the facial expressions that will really send you into a chuckle.

Just in time for Halloween, these two little ones seem to sum up the essence of Disney's 101 Dalmatians. The little one dressed as Cruella Deville is decked out in a fur coat with dalmatian print while the little dalmatian doesn't seem happy to be under her control.

It's laugh worthy but the look on the little dalmatians face would pretty much sums up everyone's Monday morning. Check out the photo below.