Heros: 'People In London Lift Bus Off A Cyclists Crushed Leg'

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There's absolute commotion everywhere as London citizens rush to the rescue of a cyclist who has had their leg crushed under a bus. Here's more proof that good people still exist in this world.

(Video Below)

A video surfaced on Reddit after being posted to the Zafer Sari YouTube Channel showing a chaotic scene in London. The title of a video suggests that there is a trapped cyclist under a double-decker bus in Walthamstow.

People begin running over from every corner of the street to try to help lift the double decker bus up in order to free the cyclist.

While the video isn't too clear you could tell that the citizens were in fact able to lift one side of the bus.

"It's understood the victim is in a critical condition in hospital after getting trapped under the front wheel of the bus on Thursday," according to BBC.

"People who were eating in nearby restaurants rushed out to help. You can hear shouting and screaming as people try to lift the vehicle."

The whole time this is going on you can hear the woman filming crying and begging in hopes that these citizens would be able to free the trapped cyclist. It looks as if the cyclist is freed after people begin to let the bus down and move away.

It's truly amazing what people can do when they all come together. Check out the video below.

Watch the cyclist get freed from a double decker in London.