Hell's Kitchen Review: 15 Chefs Recap Elimination with Chris Bosh

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Sterling, Ashley, Denine, Bryant and most importantly Gordan Ramsey are all back to compete for a head chef position in season 12 featuring Miami Heat star Chris Bosh. So who gets eliminated and goes home this week?

This is an intense season of the hit show and whereas Gordon is on a break from his other show Kitchen Nightmares, he has hinted at it's return.

There was big anticipation for tonight's episode with all eyes on Sterling:

Gordon gives a speech for a commencement and the crews start to cook for the attendees. The red team struggles with the crepes and the biggest complaint is that there isn't enough salt.

The girls move onto entrees while the men are still on their first table. Bryant gets the biggest wrath from Gordon because of his raw eggs.

Sterling continues to shine as a comedian and strong personality - he is clearly a fan favorite. But predictably, the red team wins the challenge and the blue team wallows in defeat.

The final dinner service progresses with both teams pushing strong. Each team runs into the usual problems (by the way, does Gordon ever actually change his menu?) but no one completely misses the boat.

Well except the blue team who ruins the VIP table and gives Chris Bosh a terrible time in the restaurant. They lose the challenge. And who do they send home? J.R See you next week!