Have You Heard Mac Miller's '100 Grandkids' Single Off The 'GO:OD AM' Album?

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In one evening Mac Miller managed to make his fans incredibly happy with the release of his new single "100 Grandkids," off his highly anticipated "GO:OD AM" album which now has an official release date.

(Music Video Below)

Last week Mac Miller told fans that his album was finished then at midnight on August 7 he dropped "100 Grandkids" the new single off his upcoming "GO:OD AM" album. The song features two parts with the first resembling something from his "K.I.D.S." and the second half sounding more like the "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" album.

The first part of the track is pretty playful and the music video shows Miller in what seems to be an elementary school play setting.

The second is more of Miller remising on the early success he had with "Blue Slide Park" featuring a more underground beat and flow.

"100 Grandkids" by Mac Miller Music Video

Miller has also given fans some pretty good advice urging them to "enjoy their life," according to his tweet below. Fans are probably enjoying the new music from Miller and from what it looks like there is a second single coming up. Track 10 on the album is titled, "Break The Law" while all of the other tracks remain nameless.

The pre-order for the album revealed that there will also be a total of 17 tracks, in other words a pretty lengthy album.

Mac Miller's "GO:OD AM" album is scheduled to be released on September 18 making September a huge month for music. You can check out some of the tour dates for Miller's "GO:OD AM" tour below.

A few shows. Tickets go on sale 8/7

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