Has The Game Officially Retired Stitches?

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Just when you think things couldn't get worst for Florida rapper Stitches, The Game hops on stage and humiliates him in front of a San Bernardino crowd during his Blazers Cup show.

The Game and his hype-men along with his manager Wack100 reenacted the night Stitches was punched in front of the police and a large gathering outside a Miami club.

The Game continued in humorous manner explaining why he wasn't the one that delivered the blow.

TMZ broke the story of The Game clowning Stitches on stage and just like he did when he was first punched then arrested, Stitches has made his Instagram pages private once more.

There was a brief period of time where Stitches may have had the upper hand in the beef but that time has passed. We pretty much predicted this from the early beginnings of the beef up until the punch that dropped Stitches dead in his tracks.

The fact that Stitches has his Instagram page private is probably going to be chalked up as another victory for The Game and the rest of his crew.

Moral of the story here is, The Game doesn't even need to lift a finger anymore, unlike the time he unleashed an attack on 40 Glocc.

The Game reenacts Stitches getting punched.