Harry Potter: Top Five Badass Female Heroines

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The magical wizarding world of Harry Potter has been one of the most popular literary events since its inception in 1997.

Throughout the last seventeen years, Harry Potter fanatics from all over the world have clung to its story and kept it alive through merchandise, theme parks, quizzes, articles, short stories, and more.

"Harry Potter" is eternal, and fans, including myself, are not upset about it.

The "Harry Potter" series is filled with characters who teach us lessons about friendship, family, and the proper wand movement and pronunciation for the Levitation Charm.

From the wise, epic character that is Albus Dumbledore to the hot and cold, irritating tendencies of Ron Weasley, readers have looked up to these characters and learned from their experiences, successful or not.

As a woman reading "Harry Potter", it is difficult to fight the urge of not wanting to be just like Hermione Granger. In fact, it is extremely difficult, since we watch her grow even more perfect throughout the series. Hermione is not only brilliant, but she is noble, courageous, and does not question who she is despite Draco's incessant "Mudblood" name-calling.

She even erases her parents' memories in order to save them from harm during the Second Wizarding War.

Hermione remains true to herself as she battles Death Eaters and gets Harry and Ron out of a number of live-threatening situations.

Needless to say, thank goodness Harry found that crumpled up paper in her petrified hand in the "Chamber of Secrets." Thanks, Hermione.

With the substantial amount of members in the Hermione Granger fan club, some female Harry Potter readers sometimes overlook other Harry Potter heroines.

Hermione Granger isn't the only heroine in the wizarding world readers can look up to. Here is a list of five of the most valiant heroines in Harry Potter:

1. Minerva McGonagall: McGonagall is a woman who takes no lip from anyone, especially Dolores Umbridge. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, McGonagall was a member of the First and Second Order of the Phoenix, protected students from the Carrow's, battled Professor Snape, fought at the Battle of Hogwarts, and became Headmaster of Hogwarts, all with poise and witty comebacks.

The actress, Maggie Smith, also battled breast cancer during filming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 2009. A strong-willed person through and through.

2. Ginny Weasley: Ginny somehow managed to survive the torment of six older brothers, which is a feat in itself. Ginny did gain some backbone from her childhood, and aside from opening the Chamber of Secrets in 1992, was a huge help in overthrowing Voldemort.

Ginny grew up to be a confident young woman, joining Dumbledore's Army and standing by Harry's side during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. She is also an impressive Quidditch player, better than her brothers, and became a professional player for the Holyhead Harpies.

She moved on to being the senior Quidditch Correspondent for the "Daily Prophet." Talk about accomplishments.

3. Luna Lovegood: Who says weird isn't admirable? Throughout her time at Hogwarts, Luna became Harry's confidant during his dark moments in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", and eventually joined Dumbledore's Army and fought during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. Luna handled abduction and imprisonment at Malfoy Manor with peculiar composure, and participated in the final battle of the Second Wizarding War.

Luna experienced a lot of troubles in her life, like her mother's accidental death, but handles everything with a calm attitude.

Her classmates may have called her "Loony" Lovegood, but she did not change who she was to fit in, making her a great role model for anyone.

4. Molly Weasley: The woman raised seven children under harsh financial circumstances, so more power to her. Molly is a true matriarch, and did whatever she could to be a mother to all, especially with Harry. She was a member in the First and Second Order of the Phoenix, and participated in the final battle at Hogwarts.

Let's not forget her famous line: "Not my daughter, you bitch", following with the utter destruction of Bellatrix Lestrange. Admit it. You cheered.

5. Bellatrix Lestrage: I know, I know. She killed Sirius Black and Dobby. But admit it, you didn't hate her like you hated Umbridge.

Not only did she make looking like a hot mess fabulous, but she was also one of the most influential female Death Eaters in history. As one of Voldemort's go-to members, Bellatrix kept one of Voldemort's horcruxes in her personal vault, and scared the daylights out of the Ministry of Magic when she escaped from Azkaban.

Nothing like being a woman who not only has power, but is feared.