Grant Gustin's Intense 'Flash' Selfie Sums Up Season 2

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One look at Grant Gustin's most recent Flash selfie pretty much sums up what fans can expect from the second season of CWTV's The Flash which is just 20 days away.

The Flash is CWTV's newest and biggest hit with fans and as the season two premiere approaches the stars have been keeping fans updated via social media. Yesterday, Grant Gustin posted an intense photo to his official Instagram account showing what looks to be a screenshot from the series.

He captioned it with 20 days added a #TheFlashSeason2 for good measure. The stern look on the face of The Flash leads us to believe that season two is going to be even more intense than the widely successful first season.

The first season featured a gripping finale "Fast Enough" that left fans with one of the biggest cliffhangers you could imagine. Barry was racing up the side of a skyscraper to attempt to close a wormhole that was sucking up Central City. The moment was as heart pounding as the episode where he found out that Dr.

Wells was indeed related to Eddie Thawne. With that said, a big cliffhanger only means more action to come. Season two of The Flash returns on Tuesday, October 6.

20 days. #TheFlashSeason2

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