'Gracepoint' Ep. 2 Recap: New Details Emerge

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On tonight's new episode of the investigation of Danny Solano's murder opens up as new evidence is found and people haven't been entirely truthful.

Last week's premiere of "Gracepoint" introduced viewers to Detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) as she and Detective Emmett Carver (David Tennant) investigate the murder of 12-year-old Danny Solano in the coastal town of Gracepoint.

Tonight more details emerged in Ellie and Carver's investigation as slowly pieces are falling into place.

While the Solanos want to go ahead with the funeral of their son, Elli told them that they cannot do so until Danny's case is solved and the body has been examined. At their house, however, the police team found $500 taped under Danny's bed and a baggie of what appeared to be cocaine in Chloe Solano's room.

Carver and Ellie pursued the leads they got with the new evidence, and the family gave them a list of people they believe could have committed the murder.

A technician working at the precinct was acting suspicious, and was almost caught by Ellie snooping around in her files about Danny's case.

Their investigation into Danny's journal revealed that Mark was up to something shady. Carver again questioned Mark about his alibi, revealing that he knew Mark was lying about where he was the night of the Danny's murder.

Marks answers to Carver's questions were lacking support and Ellie called Carver to share more evidence with him.

The evidence that popped up showed Danny was killed and then taken two miles down the coast to where he was found. The spot where Danny was killed showed fingerprints that belonged to Mark.

It was revealed that this is Ellie's first murder case, and as her and Carver investigate he tries to get her to not be so biased in favor of the people of the town. A surveillance video showed Mark was waiting for someone near the cliff the night of the murder, which showed he lied to the detectives with his original story.

The technician working at the precinct, Raymond Connelly, started revealing details about Danny's death to Ellie and Carver, saying that they were given to him by Danny.

Their interrogation him revealed nothing of note, however, but he seems to be some sort of psychic as he struck a nerve in Carver with a personal comment.

Carver and Ellie are dealing with his own issues as well. At the precinct he begins to feel woozy and injects himself with a syringe full of a mysterious liquid.

Ellie is being harassed by citizens of Gracepoint about how they haven't solved the case. Ellie's family is struggling to keep it in control, especially her son.

The next episode of "Gracepoint" airs Thursday, Oct. 16th at 9 p.m. on FOX.