Grace VanderWaal Delivers An Incredible Performance With 'Light The Sky'

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What's so impressive about America's Got Talent contestant Grace VanderWaal is that she has the writing skills of a seasoned musician. She put it all on display during another classic performance of an original song titled, "Light The Sky."

It's the semifinals for America's Got Talent and young VanderWaal doesn't seem to stop captivating her audience and the judges. She chose to sing an original song titled, "Light The Sky," and as she sang it, you could tell that she is going to be a star, win or lose.

VanderWaal had the entire crowd clapping along to a song they had never heard before and the setting seemed to accentuate the lyrics of the song making for one of the most memorable moments on the show.

The performance earned her a standing ovation including one from every single judge. VanderWaal said that she is continuing to be inspired by the show to write more songs. She does feel like she can get the job done.

Mel B could not believe that VanderWaal is already writing songs such as "Light The Sky" and said she is already a super star, Heidi Klum predicted that VanderWaal would be in the top two, Simon Cowell said that he was flattered and thrilled that she chose to come on the show to showcase her talent and finally and Howie Mandel revisited her first performance pointing out that the world already knows she is a star.

Fans of Grace VanderWaal will have to stay tuned to see just how far she goes in America's Got Talent. You can watch her performance of "Light The Sky" in the video below.

Grace VanderWaal Performs "Light The Sky" On America's Got Talent Semifinals 2016