Get To Know: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Indie-Pop Duo of Detroit

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are set to make their way to Chicago for a performance tomorrow evening.

To get ready for the live show, we had the opportunity to interview Daniel Zott, one-half of the indie-pop duo from Detroit and got to learn a bit more about how he and his musical partner Joshua Epstein first got their start in music, along with some of their upcoming plans for after their headlining North American tour.

As preparation to their 2014 tour, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

announced a special limited edition blackened vinyl of their critically acclaimed sophomore album 'The Speed of Things'.

The album became available back in November and fans have been raving about the release for months.

The album debuted on The New York Times, is now available on Warner Bros, and has been described as "an exercise in consistency and accessibility" and "refreshing" by Paste Magazine.

Filter has recently praised the work that Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jr. has recently put out and stated, "the Detroit pop duo have managed to deliver one of the best songs of the year with their hook-laden single "If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't on the Dancefloor)."

The duo first got their start in music and producing while in high school. "I first played guitar after a sports injury in junior high," Zott explained. "During my sophomore year of high school, I started recording with Cool Edit Pro and Fruityloops." With Motown influences, as well as musical influences from The Beatles, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jr. also spend their time listening to a lot of Carole King and Randy Newman in their spare time.

Zott and Epstein have been in the music industry since they were young teenagers. Their best advice for those looking to make it with their own creations? "Spend some time learning the business side of music," Zott stated.

"Because most musicians are pretty uninformed. Also, take some criticism."

When asked about the most memorable experience the guys have experienced while touring, Zott responded by saying, "playing the big festivals - there is nothing like staring out onto a sea of people." When traveling, there are also always bound to be some crazy stories involving fans and festival goers. "During this tour, a dude climbed over the barrier and then jumped over our monitors to get in the middle of our stage," Zott said.

"I put my fists up to fight him and then he immediately jumped back into the crowd and smashed people. It was very odd."

As for upcoming plans from the duo, Zott revealed that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is working on new music all the time.

"We're also talking to other bands right now who are interested in us producing their record. That was part of the reason behind doin the "produce" mixtape. We want to put our name out there in the producer realm."

While on tour, Zott and Epstein are most looking forward to stopping in Austin along the way. "Austin is always a home away from home. Any place where we have friends is a place we can't wait to visit."

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. also added a number of tour dates to their own 2014 headlining tour, with additional performances in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle and more.

Supporting the duo on their headlining tour will be Chad Valley, an electro-pop artist from Oxford, United Kingdom. The duo concluded the interview by saying, "get ready Chicago!", and we couldn't be more excited for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jr. to grace the Windy City with their prescence and talent tomorrow evening.

For more information on where you can see the indie-pop duo perform in a city near you this spring, be sure to visit Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

at The guys look forward to seeing their fans on their tour across the states!