Get To Know: Cookie Monsta - Dubstep DJ From Nottingham

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Cookie Monsta surely brought the bass to The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh while stopping by on his Outbreak Tour with Zomboy earlier this month.

Before the show, we had a chance to catch up with the dubstep artist from Nottingham, discussing how he got his start in the industry and what else he has in store for the following summer months.

Cookie Monsta has been interested in music since before he could remember, really relying on his father and brother at such a young age to introduce him to different genres of jams.

"I grew up on a lot of rock and hard stuff from my dad, and a lot of electronic music from my brother," Cookie Monsta explained.

"From there, I listened to a lot of different sounds and genres throughout the years. When I was about 19 and starting college, I was introduced to the dubstep scene in the UK, and just floated in from there."

As for who he gains inspiration from in regards to other electronic music artists, "a lot of grunge and underground sounds from the UK," he continued.

"What really got me into wanting to make music was the original dubstep artists - they were and still are my real inspiration."

The dubstep DJ just dropped his newest track "Time To Party", which is available on UKF Dubstep now! Take a listen to this bass filled beat below.

Cookie Monsta has been loving his time so far on the Outbreak Tour in support of Zomboy, which is only at it's halfway point and continues through the end of the summer. "The whole tour has gone so smoothly so far, it's been really good," he raved.

"There are different areas that party differently - some rage out really hard and some sort of just zone out but still have the same feeling and love for the music," he continued.

Be sure the check out the remaining tour dates for Cookie Mosnta and Zomboy on their Outbreak Tour, and for more news and releases from Cookie Monsta, follow the dubstep artist on Twitter at @CookieMonstaDub.