Fox to renew '24' and 'The X-Files'

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In the movie world a lot of remakes are coming down the tube.

With Star Wars and Jurassic Park coming this year. But it seems now that TV is going to get its fair share of existing properties being brought back to life.

The X-Files did very well for FOX and it was a major hit on the network from 1993 till 2002. Chris Carter is the creator and FOX has already said they refuse to even discuss a return without him on board.

The show followed the lives of two FBI agents named Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The two worked together to infiltrate paranormal secrets inside the U.S. government. Of course a little conflict was made during these investigations.

During its run it won 5 Golden Globes including Best Drama in both 1995 and 1997. Dana Walden and Gary Newman are still CEO'S at FOX and were behind the original airing of The X-Files.

Now it's their desire to bring it back and hope fans will appreciate the past.

It is also well known that FOX brought back '24' for a 12 episode mini series entitled '24: Live Another Day.' But now there are rumors that it could be back once again.

The huge following this show has might find it weird to know that Kiefer Sutherland might not be returning. A Jack-less '24' seems like it just wouldn't be right.

But maybe the '24' universe is successful enough that FOX is willing to try out a new character for a new season. Which for all intents and purposes wouldn't be another mini series but season 10.

Another show that is heavily rumored to return is Prison Break which had a huge audience back during its run from 2005 till 2009. FOX has already renewed Gotham and also ordered a pilot for the Minority Report.

It'll be very intriguing to see if these shows actually come back to life or if they stay in limbo a little while longer.