Forrest Gump Is Back In A Big Way

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The American classic makes its IMAX debut in honor of the 20th anniversary in a special 1-week engagement.

Forrest Gump is one of those films we have come to just assume everyone has seen, most of us multiple times. So why drop $20 to see a movie you either own or are guaranteed to stumble upon while channel flipping for free? No reason, really.

This promotion is almost exclusively for the hardcore fans. That being said, if you are one of those people, you will not be disappointed.

The big word here is "re-mastered." Filmmakers like to throw that word around a lot. It gives them a reason to sell you something you've already bought all over again.

Sometimes that word fits, but more often than not the picture is lazily uploaded to a higher resolution with little to no attention given to the actual quality of the movie.

In the case of Forrest Gump we are given an honest to god updated film, both with visual and audio quality reaching its full potential.

Playing in IMAX Forrest Gump can be experienced for the first time in a whole new way. You are as completely immersed as possible.

Paired with the crystal clear sound and picture, the size of the screen does the cinematography of the film total justice.

As often as we change landscapes and jump through thrilling visual sequences it will be hard to watch this movie again at home.

As many positive things as there are to say about Forrest Gump in IMAX the fact remains, it is a 20 year old movie that the audience member is being charged top dollar to see all over again. If you choose not to go, don't worry.

There's nothing new that you're missing. If you do go, be prepared to see a classic at the top of its game.