'The Flash' Recap 'Out of Time,' Season 1 Episode 15, Flash V.S. The Weather Wizard

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As Cisco and Joe get closer to the truth about Wells things are shaken up on the "The Flash." This week in "Out of Time," the fifteenth episode of season one, The Flash goes to battle with The Weather Wizard looking for revenge.

The Weather Wizard aka Mark Mardon is a super-villain with the ability to manipulate weather, now he has made his was back to Central City seeking revenge his brother's death that fell at the hands of Joe. Cisco remains a crucial detail about the night they were finally able to capture the Reverse Flash, which leads him to realize that there is something strange going on.

Barry and Linda somehow decide to go on a double date with Eddie and Iris, any fan of "The Flash" knows that only awkwardness can come from that.

The episode kicks into gear as Mark Mardon remembers an escape that he and his brother made from Joe. They were almost free when they were caught in the reactor explosion during a huge storm, sending their airplane spinning out of control. Meanwhile in present day, Barry and Linda go on a date at the bowling alley and run into Eddie and Iris.

Iris asks them to join and they have no such choice but to join. Iris is getting a bit too cozy with Barry and Linda begins to notice along with Eddie.

Back in a postmortem, Mark approaches the coroner responsible for it, demanding the name of the cop that killed his brother Clyde. Cisco and Wells are watching some old movies when Wells brings up Cisco's brother and his family. Cisco is then alerted that a silent alarm is going off at the morgue.

Barry and Eddie both rush off to the signal and Iris and Linda are left standing alone. The Flash is racing off and notices something irregular.

Barry shakes it off and arrives at the morgue to find the dead body of the coroner.

Joe and the rest of the crime scene meet Barry who reveals that the the coroner was killed by hail. They then hear a recording of the killed who Joe identifies and overhears saying that he will be seeking revenge. Caitlin and Wells analyze the data from the scene and realize that Mark has the same powers as his brother, however, Mark appears to be a lot stronger.

Cisco tells Barry and Wells that he was working on something that could help Barry take the Weather Wizard down. Barry confesses to Wells that last night when he was running to the morgue, he saw a reflection of himself and it seemed very real.

Wells dismisses Barry and tells him that they will investigate it after the crime.

Joe is having a tough time getting granted permission to go along with Eddie and the rest of the station to hunt Mark down. Just then Iris walks in and Joe tells them that they need to keep their mouths shut.

When the two of them are alone, Iris and Eddie talk about the fact that he is not okay with the way she and Barry acted last night.

She tries to tell him that they're just friends but Eddie says something has changed.

In a car ride Barry and Joe discuss Iris and the complicated relationship they have. Barry says that they are having moments that make it difficult to to think she doesn't feel the same way he does. The weather continues to get really bad and Mark Mardon shows up in the rearview.

Barry has to save Joe before the cruiser is blown up. Captain Singh is keeping Joe from rushing after Mardon after the incident and Barry has to convince him to take the time off and stay off the streets.

Iris and Mason continue to investigate Wells and he tells her she needs to start asking her friends some questions. She then runs into Linda and apologizes for interrupting her date with Barry. Linda tells her that last night she realized that Iris has feelings for Barry as well. The entire situation is a mess and Barry then meets with Iris to discuss the other night, along with the fact that her mentor is telling her to follow a hunch.

She tells him that the hunch involves Barry and Wells. She says that a lot of strange things have been happening with Wells being linked to all of them.

She says that Barry knows Wells more than she does and asks Barry if she thinks Wells is capable of the strange happenings.

Barry just shakes it off by telling her that Wells is a good man and she has no story where he is concerned.

Barry approaches Caitlin and Cisco about the conversation he had with Iris and tells them he told her she was wrong. However, Cisco may think otherwise judging from his reaction. When Cisco delivers some protection for Joe against Mark, he happens to walk right past the Weather Wizard on his way out and alerts Barry.

Mardon approaches Joe about killing his brother and Joe responds by saying that Clyde was threatening to kill many more.

Joe tries to absolve the entire office of being harmed, however, it backfires and Mark begins to attack the entire precinct.

Barry rushes in and uses the new technology that Cisco derived to scare Mark off. Captain Singh is in distress and Barry grabs him to take him to safety. Cisco questions Caitlin about Wells and whether or not she thinks he is capable of the things that Joe is accusing him of.

Cisco suggests that Wells is in league with the Reverse Flash and asks Caitlin to keep Wells out of Star Labs tomorrow morning. Barry, Joe and Singh's fiance receive horrible news about Singh.

The doctor says she isn't sure that Singh will be the same person they knew, or even if he will walk again.

Joe is completely hurt and rushes off to find Mark, while making Barry promise to find Iris and keep her safe.

Barry finds is looking for Iris all over and runs into Mason Bridge, the man who has been putting the ideas into Iris' head. Bridge believes that Wells killed Stag and is planning on publishing the evidence in the Sunday paper. Cisco is alone at Star Labs and begins his investigation of what happened the night the Reverse Flash escaped from the lab. Joe is surprised by Eddie who vows that he will not let Joe investigate Mark alone.

Barry approaches Iris who is worried about Joe after she couldn't reach him. Barry then questions Iris on whether or not she knows what the evidence against Wells is.

The conversation then spirals into Linda and Barry and the fact that Iris doesn't think Linda is the right one for him. Barry then asks, "the who is?"

Cisco is having a hard time with searching for data and stumbles upon the Reverse Flash. Meanwhile, Joe and Eddie get really close to Mark, so close that Joe is whisked out of the window from the apartment he and Eddie were investigating. Joe wakes up at a shipyard with a broken leg. Mark is torturing Joe but Joe is still showing fight verbally.

Caitlin and Wells enjoy breakfast together, though he is eager to get back to the lab. Barry and Iris watch on as Eddie urges the entire precinct to find Joe.

Barry promises Iris that he will bring Joe back and just then, she receives a call from Mark saying that he has her father.

Barry and Iris are rushing out when he is approached by Linda, however, he tells her he has to leave and she is not happy.

Caitlin leaves Wells to get their coffee to go, however, he rushes off and when she turns to see him, she notices he is gone with the wheelchair being the only thing left behind. Cisco stumbles upon the Reverse Flash and just as he tries to get more information, Wells finds him. Wells reveals that he is in fact a distant relative of Eddie Thawne.

Cisco is in the midst of having his mind blown after hearing Wells/Thawne admit that he killed Barry's mother.

Thawne says that he has been stuck on the planet for 15 long years and the Flash's speed is the key to him leaving. Cisco offers to help him however, Thawne kills Cisco in order to keep his secret safe.

Barry and Iris arrive at the docks, however, when he asks her to leave, she admits to never being able to stop thinking about him since he confessed his love. They finally kiss before he receives a call from Caitlin who tries to talk to him about Wells, but is stopped in her words by Barry who says there is a Tsunami coming for the city. She instructs him on how to stop it and with no other choice, Barry is forced to reveal his identity in front of Iris.

He races off to try to reach the speed he needs to in order to stop it and runs right into the past. Barry has ruptured the time continuum.

Tonight's episode was by far the defining moment in the entire season of "The Flash," it just leaves you wanting more answers as to whether or not Barry can save his mom or Cisco.

Also, will Gorilla Grodd be a factor in future episodes? This was a brilliant piece of direction.

"Out of Time," brings a whole new edgy factor to "The Flash" as Barry gets closer to the truth of the identity of the man responsible for his mother's death. The Weather Wizard was a formidable opponent but not one that The Flash could not handle.

There is a serious storm brewing on this show and tonight's episode is only beginning to elude to what's yet to come.

"The Flash" continues to build the hype around the hit show as it follows in the footsteps of "Arrow." Fans will need to tune in next week on The CW to find out what happens next.