'The Flash' Recap 'The Nuclear Man,' Season 1 Episode 13, FIRESTORM Emerges

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Last weeks revelation about Ronnie and the teaser of Gorilla Grodd had fans of "The Flash" in a frenzy. This week in "The Nuclear Man," the thirteenth episode of the first season, Barry has his hands full with Firestorm.

Barry has no choice but to go after Ronnie after he finds out that Caitlin's former fiance is a dangerous and also shares the same body with Professor Stein. When they are able to track down Professor Stein after an attack on a physicist, Barry checks on Stein who is continuing to work on project F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. After meeting Linda in last week's episode, Barry now has to balance being the Flash, the savior of Central City and all of his friends in it a new relationship that is heating up pretty quickly, much to the surprise of Iris. Joe continues to investigate the murder of Barry's mother and has to call upon Cisco to help reinvestigate the crime.

Tonights episode began with Barry getting ready for a date with Linda and asked Joe for help who gave him a simple answer telling him not to change again. Barry is punctual to pick up Linda for their date and she notices. They both set off for a night out and the date looks like it's going pretty well.

When Linda takes a bathroom break Barry gets a call about a robbery and Barry asks if the cops can handle it.

Cisco gives him a guilt trip and Barry races off to save the day and back just in time.

Joe then interrupts the date for an attempted suicide that Barry solves before Linda could finish her call and for his patience he gets a kiss and a second date.

Firestorm approaches a physicist but from the background that was given the physicist knows that it was in fact, Martin Stein that he was speaking with.

Barry tells Cisco and Caitlin that he already has a second date and they happen to walk into the cafe just as Iris overhears the news.

She acts very strange when Linda is mentioned but things quickly turn when they see that a "burning man" was spotted escaping the building where the physicist was carried out of on a stretcher.

Joe approaches Cisco to help with the reinvestigation and they are greeted by a perky home owner. Wells and Caitlin discussed what really happened with Ronnie and Stein. Wells asks Caitlin if she is onboard for what they have to do and she just asks about finding him instead.

Barry remembers seeing Martin Stein on the train the day of the accelerator exploded as the two spoke about his job and interest in the accelerator. Martin had project F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. with him on the train and it looks like when he tried to stop the accelerator he dropped it while Ronnie was trapped inside.

Barry and Wells visits Steins wife to find out more about the professor and his work. When they hand her a photo of Ronnie she recognizes him as someone who had been watching her and appeared at the home a month after her husband disappeared.

Stein approached his at his home, however, he was unrecognizable and she called the authorities mistaking him for an intruder. Wells and Caitlin decide to do stake-out duty while Barry is on his date with Linda.

Cisco and Joe continue to scan the house that belonged to Barry and his parents. They notice a mirror that remains from the original house and it contains silver nitrate.

Cisco says that the mirror may contain photographs of what happened the night Barry's mom was murdered.

Barry brings Linda to Joe's house for their second date. Barry thinks that it's going to be a fun night out but Linda has plans of her own and they include a lot of kissing.

Caitlin and Wells discuss what has happened to Ronnie and Wells tells her that his work will not be finished until both Ronnie and Stein are back home. Barry begins to get excited while he's on his date and tells Linda that he is worried about moving too fast. Just when things start getting interesting Barry receives a message from Wells and tries to make an excuse for leaving but just sounds awkward.

Meanwhile when Barry approaches Stein he immediately turns into Firestorm and things get a little too hot. Before Firestorm could hurt Barry, Caitlin runs out and changes his mind.

Joe and Cisco continue to work on the mirror to make it work like a camera. Cisco exposes the images that show the Reverse Flash at the scene of the crime and they find blood behind the wall paper that could lead them to find the one responsible for the murder. Barry approaches Linda who is not happy about being blown off and tells him that she is very picky about who she chooses to spend time with.

When Barry tries to explain it to her he just ends up receiving call that pulls him away.

Linda approaches Iris about Barry and she explains that Barry never had a girlfriend and Iris even says that maybe Linda should give him time. It sounds like sabotage.

Caitlin is able to get Steins wife to see him and when she asks him a question to see if it's really him he passes with flying colors. She is able to persuade him to take the help of Caitlin and Barry and now Firestorm is back on the right side. Wells tells Caitlin and Barry that Steins theory off splitting him and Ronnie apart is possible and just then a cleaned up Firestorm walks in.

Barry gets a call from Linda who tells him that they shouldn't be together because of what he and Iris had.

Barry approaches Iris about convincing Linda to not date him and he even makes it clear that he no longer has feelings for Iris.

Cisco and Joe have analyzed the blood and Joe asks him to run the test to see if Dr. Wells is a match. Joe believes that Dr. Wells killed Barry's mother and now Cisco defends Wells.

Cisco reveals that Wells is a good man and not a murderer. It becomes too much for Cisco to handle and he ends up leaving the detective work.

When Caitlin runs an analysis on Stein she asks to speak to Ronnie but Stein says it does not work that way, however, he knows that Ronnie loves her very much.

Wells tells Barry and Caitlin that if Steins body temperature continues to rise he could go nuclear.

Cisco returns to the lab to see Ronnie but knows right away that it's not Ronnie. Wells tells Cisco that Firestorm is unstable and that he has no more than a couple of hours before they are finished.

Wells says that a nuclear explosion would be catastrophic and the only solution is to kill the host body.

Caitlin is adamantly against the idea and tells Wells to use the time to work on a way to save them.

Cisco questions Wells about actually killing Ronnie but Wells just asks him to stay behind while he retreats to his lab.

Barry promises Stein that they will find a way to fix what has been done and Stein reminisces about their first meeting on the train. Stein gives Barry some important advice telling him that life's too short not to live. Barry goes to right to Linda and seizes the moment by threatening to eat the hottest pepper in the world unless she goes out with him.

Barry tells her he wont let his job get in between them and Iris sees the entire thing. She looks heartbroken by Barry's gesture.

Meanwhile, Wells prepares to do what is necessary but decides to take his chances with a new solution that would delay his search for power as the Reverse Flash.

As they begin to see hope, Cisco barges in with bad news, the professor is gone.

Barry prepares himself to find Stein who looks to be sacrificing himself. Wells creates a quantum splicer to separate Ronnie and Caitlin, meanwhile, Cisco receives information that shows that Barry as an adult is who the blood belonged to. When Barry and Caitlin arrive, Stein is livid.

They explain to him what has been created to try to separate him from Ronnie and Stein/Ronnie kisses Caitlin.

They strap him up with the splicer that doesn't seem to be working and Barry has to rush Caitlin off before Firestorm goes nuclear.

General Eiling is alerted that Firestorm has exploded and sends a team out to retrieve him, or what's left of him.

In "Nuclear Man," Firestorm has proven to be one of the toughest foes "The Flash" has battled in recent episodes and but it looks like the list of enemies is only getting bigger. Dr.

Wells continues to waver on the sides of evil and good and his development will make for a great showdown between him and Barry when the time comes.

Barry is growing stronger and running laps around his enemies but will he be stopped in his tracks when it comes time to battle a foe like Gorilla Grodd? The first season of "The Flash" continues to impress this week but fans will need to tune in next week on The CW to find out what happens next.