'The Flash' Recap 'Fallout,' Season 1 Episode 14, Barry Gets Closer To The Truth

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The tragic explosion in last week's episode of "The Flash" proved to be emotional for Caitlin.

This week in "Fallout," the fourteenth episode of the first season, Ronnie and Stein are alive and even more shocking is they are apart, meanwhile Barry gets closer to the truth.

The nuclear explosion did not harm Ronnie and Dr. Stein, in fact it actually separated them but when General Eiling begins to poke around and goes after Firestorm, Ronnie and Dr. Stein need to think about taking him on together or separately. Ronnie is reunited with Caitlin who couldn't be happier to see her fiance.

Iris receives an inside tip from Mason Bridge about a secret surrounding S.T.A.R. Labs which commences her digging into the company.

Stein proves to be useful and enlightening to Barry when he reveals information about time travel that could have something to do with his mother's death. Cisco and Joe continue their investigation on the murder of Barry's mother.

Tonight's action kicks off as Barry races Caitlin away from the nuclear explosion. Wells and Cisco tries to reach Barry and when they do, the realize that they haven't been exposed to any radiation. They return to the site of the explosion only to find that Stein and Ronnie have been successfully separated. Ronnie plants a kiss on Caitlin after she realizes that the experiment has worked.

Stein walks out in his ragged clothes, as Barry declares that everyone is coming home. Cisco is extremely happy to see Ronnie back and so is Dr. Wells.

The party is broken up by professor Stein who is lead somewhere he can change. Meanwhile, Eiling and his men scour the area and he realizes that the two have separated. Wells shows that Stein and Ronnie are unable to harness nuclear energy.

Stein and Ronnie argue about their time together where Ronnie felt buried, and after Stein leaves Ronnie asks Caitlin to grab some pizza.

Barry brings Stein back to his wife who is in complete shock to see him, but embraces him lovingly nonetheless. Stein tells Barry thank you for bringing him home but Barry just tells him that he will see him soon.

Joe meets Barry to show him something. More than likely he is going to show Barry the blood stained wall he found. Barry is back in his old home and Joe shows him the mirror that contained the photographic evidence to show want happened that night.

Joe presses play and the entire moment is relived as they see two speedsters. Joe tells Barry that the blood of one sample was that or the adult Barry not a child.

Barry realizes the older version of him was there the night his mom died.

Barry takes what he learned from Joe and they both ask Wells if time travel is possible. Wells says that if they travel back in time to change something, you become the cause of the problem. Cisco explains it in simpler terms by referencing Back To The Future and The Terminator. Back at the newspaper, Iris asks Bridge why he has an outline of S.T.A.R. Labs. Iris argues in favor of the lab but Bridge tells her that it may have not been an accident. He persuades her to find out what goes on in the building.

Barry goes to professor Steins home to see him, however he realizes that something may be wrong with him when Stein has a craving for something he normally doesn't. Barry brings up the subject of time travel after expediting the pizza that Stein wanted. Stein explains that they live in the on and off ramps of time travel.

He also believes that time travel is possible and Stein seems quite excited about the subject and Barry tells him that he may have been there the night his mother was murdered, in adult form.

The professor says that Barry moved so fast, he created a hole in the space-time continuum. Barry is upset because his destiny to save his mother would have been a failure.

Caitlin explains everything that has happened since Ronnie was gone. He asks her to move to another state because her work is too dangerous. Caitlin tells him that she found a new way to help people when they began working with Barry. Ronnie argues that the accident took a year of their life and says he doesn't want it to take anymore.

Just then, the general and his army begin firing into the coffee shop. Stein feels the worrying effects of Ronnie and tells Barry they need to go help him.

Eiling approaches Ronnie and asks him about Firestorm. The General manages to capture Barry when he saves the day, but Caitlin saves both Ronnie and Barry just in time.

Back at the lab they team works on taking the spikes out of Barry. Caitlin blames herself for not realizing that Eiling would be behind the attacks. They all realize that all of the brain functions between Ronnie and Stein are still linked.

Barry talks to Ronnie to ask him if he's okay and they come to the conclusion that the world today is not one that he knows. Barry brings Ronnie and Caitlin home to Joe's house to keep them safe.

Just then, Iris comes in to make dinner for everyone and they have to tell a lie about Ronnie's relation to Caitlin.

Wells pays Eiling a visit and Eiling knows that Barry Allen is The Flash. Dr. Wells also tells Eiling he doesn't know how Firestorm works, but Eiling pushes him by telling him that he knows Wells knows who is behind Firestorm and where to find them. Eiling tells Wells to come see him, when he's ready.

Barry has a heavy mind due to the new findings and Joe tries to guard him from heartache. Joe feels really bad about what he told Barry.

Joe confesses that Cisco was the one who tested the blood to see if it belonged to Wells. Barry insists that Wells had nothing to do with the murder and asks Joe if he believes it now.

Wells pours Stein a drink as Stein compliments the facility. They speak about what it was like seeing Wells last work fall to pieces. Stein says that he regrets all of the work he was doing and he should have been spending more time with his wife. The professor is a bit lightheaded after the drink and collapses.

Ronnie feels the effects as well and it looks like Wells has sold out Stein to Eiling. This episode is pretty troubling as Wells' involvement with Eiling is unnerving.

Wells has shown his evil side many times on the show, especially as the Reverse Flash and it's getting to the point where it may be confusing to the viewer to determine what team Wells is on.

Bridge rushes to Iris asking her if she knows Caitlin. He presents her with evidence from the coffee shop during the shootout with the army. Iris brushes it off saying that she is sure there is an explanation, however, she looks up images from her blog and recognizes Ronnie as Firestorm.

The team is panicking as the scramble to find Stein without any clue that Wells is behind his capture. Wells allows them to use Ronnie to find the location of Stein who is being interrogated by Eiling.

Stein refuses to answer any questions of Eiling regarding Firestorm.

Eiling threatens his life in exchange for information, and he begins to torture Stein. Ronnie feels the pain and effects as the connection gets stronger. Meanwhile, Caitlin is worried about Ronnie who is cutting himself to reveal a message to Stein. The message asks where he is and Stein replies with a morse code of his location.

They find out that Stein is being kept on an Army base. When Ronnie says that he needs to join Barry, Caitlin objects.

Ronnie says that there is no normal life for them anymore and before he leaves Cisco gives him the separator and Caitlin gives him a kiss.

Barry brings Ronnie to the base and he feels the connection becoming stronger. Wells says that if Stein and Ronnie merge again, they may not be able to separate them. Barry saves Stein before Eiling could put a bullet in his head. Stein, Barry and Ronnie come under attack and Barry is on the receiving end. He has to run in order to reverse the effects of a weapon that was used against him.

Ronnie says that he and Stein need to merge again. He tells Caitlin he loves her before he and Stein merge again. This time Ronnie has the ability to control the powers with Stein being his guide.

Firestorm is back together again. Eiling hurts Firestorm momentarily, but before he could finish the job, Barry tackles the general and Barry runs off to the lab as Ronnie flies off.

Back at the lab, Barry is healed from his wounds and Firestorm attempts to have the fusion reverse by the separator one more time. The device seems to be working in tandem with the two, however this is the last time that Ronnie will see Caitlin for awhile. He and Stein are going off to learn more about their abilities.

Stein tells Barry that he believes in second chances and Barry will get his in time.

Stein and Ronnie fuse once more and fly off to seek knowledge. Caitlin and Cisco discuss everything that went on and Cisco compares Caitlin and Ronnie's love story with Friends.

Iris approaches Caitlin about her "cousin" whom she says left. Iris notices something is wrong when she catches Caitlin in multiple lies. She returns to Bridge with new information and a declaration that she will be helping Bridge investigate S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry tells Joe that the images from the mirror will be his second chance to do things right and in turn save his mother. A bitter Eiling is whisked away by the Reverse Flash and brought to the sewers where Gorilla Grodd is. Wells reveals he his the Reverse Flash and that he has been protecting Gorilla Grodd! Eiling is dragged away by Grodd after the meeting.

In "Fallout," fans of the "The Flash" are treated to another explosive episode filled with action. Firestorm proved to be one of the most appealing characters so far and things are only getting more interesting.

The day Barry finally has to face Dr.

Wells is going to be an interesting battle between the two, but even more interesting is, when will fans see Gorilla Grodd? "The Flash" is an ever-growing series of wonder and excitement, fans will need to tune in next week on The CW to find out what happens next.