The Flash 'Plastique' Recap, S1 EP5, Flash And The Super Soldiers

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After sharing a very brief kiss with Felicity in last weeks episode of "The Flash," this week in "Plastique," the fifth episode of the shows first season, things get even more intense as he is now faced to save the city from a certain super soldier.

When a bomb explodes downtown General Eiling's army comes in to handle the aftermath and the investigation detective Joe is not pleased with the intrusion and asks for a little help getting down to the real reason they were assigned to the job. Dr.

Wells fills his team in on some pretty surprising information about Eiling.

The general experimented on his men to turn them into super soldiers. Joe continues to battle with Iris this time it isn't her dating preference as much as it is her undying pursuit in reporting on "The Streak."

The episode begins with Barry's narration as he enjoys some time out with his friends. He is continuing to pine over Iris and is still wishing that one day soon their friendship can turn into something more. Cisco and Caitlin wait for their drinks but when Barry brings them over he downs them all to show them that he isn't getting drunk.

Somewhere in Central City a security guard is shocked when a female rushes out of a building. A bomb then explodes and the all the partygoers dismember to hit their own station.

As "The Flash" arrives, he sees a man on a scaffold and he is in danger. He asks how fast he needs to run to run up the side of the building and the reply is simply as fast as he can. In one of the best effects ever, he rushes up the side of the building ultimately saving the workers life.

As Barry and Joe survey the damage things aren't adding up.

They do have the description of the woman who is suspected to be the bomber. In order to find out which file was taken from the building Barry uses his super speed to read through all of it.

General Eiling introduces himself to Joe and demands all of the information they have. He tells Joe that the woman is one of theirs and Joe is forced to hand over all the material he has.

Barry pulls a page out before the soldiers can take everything away so that he can have his team look into it.

Joe is upset when he hears that Iris was at the site of the bombing. Joe knows "The Flash" exists, however, he tries to persuade her otherwise and fails.

Meanwhile, Wells tells Barry that he knows General Eiling and the work they were doing. The woman is identified as Bett Sans Souci, when "The Flash" approaches her she touches him an then warns him to take his suit off. As he hurries away and loses the suit, it explodes.

Souci is also known as Plastique and she is a creation of Eiling's experimentation with his soldiers.

After the incident, Barry returns without the suit and Cisco is upset. Barry was in the middle of giving them all of the information to his team when Wells comes in and explains that Plastique is a meta-human.

Joe joins the team and they all discuss a strategy on how to find Souci before she causes more harm. Joe pulls Barry to the side and begs him to convince Iris to stop writing about "The Streak." He rushes out to try to convince her but she is very combative about the entire subject. Iris can tell that the bombardment is not just about the hero not existing but something else.

Barry receives a call from the team to get to Souci before Eiling does.

Souci approaches the doctor that created her and Eiling arrives as well. However, before Eiling can get to her "The Flash" does and whisks her away to try to help figure out what happened to her.

Wells explains to Souci what happened to her. She then explains that she had an accident while serving overseas and the shrapnel pieces ripped through her. The particles inside of her helped her form into what she is today.

When Caitlin is helping Souci with a wound, she discovers a tracking device and just then Eiling arrives to greet Wells.

The two have an interesting conversation and Eiling demands to have Souci turned over to him. Souci and the team are long gone before Eiling can find them.

Cisco coins Souci the name Plastique as she asks Barry about the help he received. Barry tells her the extent of his abilities so far and that he always wanted to help people.

Now that Barry has his powers he is able to help.

Iris continues to be a thorn in Joe and Barry's side as she now decides to put her name on the articles, making herself a target for any of many foes of "The Flash." Once Barry is informed by Joe he visits Iris as "The Flash" and it looks like the two are going to have a very interesting conversation.

"The Flash" does a little showing off for Iris before asking him to meet her on the roof. He is using a voice system similar to "The Arrow." She asks him where he is from and he denies her of any answers.

He begs her to stop writing about him but she just tells him his own story, well, Barry's story.

Iris tells "The Flash" that he is proof that Barry isn't crazy and asks him to prove it. The conversation concludes with him telling Iris how lucky he is.

Caitlin has found that the shrapnel has merged with Souci's DNA and Wells says that there is no way to fix it. Souci is very emotional and Barry asks what now. When Barry asks for her to join the team they don't share the same sentiment.

Barry appeals to them by asking them why they saved him if they didn't think they could help the meta-humans. Joe and Barry have a chat about Iris' writing and the reason for it.

A way into the chat Joe alludes to Barry that he knows that Barry is in love with Iris. It looks like Joe is all for Iris and Barry as he ends the conversation with a big hug.

Wells clearly lies to Souci when he tells her that the same accident that changed her put him in the wheelchair. He urges her to do what it takes to get back her life or the answers to what happens.

His words seem to try to persuade her to kill Eiling so that she can have closure.

Wells' evil nature is showing itself once again making his character one of the most dynamic ones in the series. He is becoming both the protagonist and antagonist but it is still unknown as to why.

Barry returns and asks Wells where Souci is but doesn't receive a clear answer. Souci approaches Eiling and now there is a standoff. Barry knows that she is not turning herself in and rushes off to get her out of harm. Plastique then attacks the general and his army but just before Barry could persuade her out of it she is shot by Eiling.

Souci tries to tell Barry about Wells but loses consciousness before she could. She begins to glow as if she is about to detonate.

Now Barry has to run across water to get her out of harms way. He lays her down and has to run for his life before a huge blast harms him as well.

Again viewers witness some pretty impressive effects in this episode with "The Flash" running to try to beat the blast of a bomb. Each episode he explores a new maximum to his abilities and ultimately he should be able to run around the world before anyone knows that he is gone.

Eiling appears on the news to defend the underwater blast. He plays it off as military testing and as the team watches they are very upset that Eiling got away with Souci's murder.

Iris and Barry have another conversation about her writing and he tries to tell her his secret but instead he tells her about the case that he was jut on, Souci's case. He uses the story to try to persuade Iris to stop writing.

She demands to know what is going on with him and after a deep breath, he tells her that he finally put it behind him and asks her to do so as well.

Iris tells Barry that she will not stop writing about him until the rest of the world believes in him and Barry tells her that maybe the two need some time away from each other.

Barry is visibly upset and as he has a few club sodas, he is joined by Cisco and Caitlin who share a drink. The drink is finally able to get Barry buzzed but only for about a few seconds before it wears off. The narration ends with Barry questioning why people enter and leave your life.

Iris is also upset that her pursuit of "The Streak" has caused a rift between her and Barry. Eiling and Wells have a meeting to end the episode however, it is not pleasant.

After Eiling threatens Wells, Wells lashes back with one of his own sending Eiling away. A flashback occurs of the two arguing about what happens with a certain primate named Grodd.

Yet another thrilling episode has been completed in what has proven to be a solid television adaption of "The Flash." Grant Gustin continues to portray his character in wonderful fashion as he battled on with some pretty dangerous criminals.

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