Finding Carter 'Love Story' Recap, Season 1 Episode 10, has Crash gone too far?

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In "Love Story," the tenth episode of the intense new MTV show Finding Carter, the drama level increased even higher as it heads towards the season finale.

The episode picked up right where the previous one left off, leaving viewers questioning the whereabouts of Carter and Crash. It appears that Crash is driving another stolen car, and as they drive Carter tells him that she would like to go away to somewhere she is unknown to anyone and her story. Crash recommends heading out West so the two of them can see the tourist spots like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. He then shows a sensitive side, bringing up that he would like to see where Carter grew up.

Meanwhile, Carter's unknown location has obviously taken a deep toll on Liz, and it becomes even more evident as she takes her frustration out on David as she yells at him. But their conversation takes a softer side as the feelings between the two seem to rekindle lightly again.

While on the phone Taylor and Grant beg Carter to come home, and as it has shown in previous episodes, Carter is fitting in more with her family, with the exception of Liz.

On her cell phone Carter sees that Liz put out an amber alert for both her and Crash, and the family clearly broadcasts their frustration with her.

Crash and Carter get into an argument, where Crash reveals that he thinks they may be better off without each other. Carter questions his statement, and he takes back what he said, telling her they need each other. The two then smash her phone so the GPS tracker will stop revealing their location. The two break into an empty house, and it is revealed that it is where Carter grew up. Crash learns some details of Carter's childhood life as she recalls memories and possessions from her past.

On the wall Carter finds a secret message left by Lori, and she copies it down. The next morning they are forced to rush out of it because another tenant heard them the previous night. They then agree to leave a message with Lori via Max, agreeing that they will head to California.

A major problem with leading a fugitive life is financial issues, and Crash and Carter run into just that quickly.

Crash shows her that he purchased a gun with what was left of his money, and he tells her that he needs to be able to protect her.

The characters' dependency on each other grows each episode, and it is evident they enjoy the excitement of their fugitive lifestyle.

The family is clearly upset about Carter's running away, and Taylor and Grant start to recall that Liz is going back to her old ways of searching for her missing child.

While Crash waits in the car Carter visits Max to tell him to relay a message to her mom and for some burner phones. The pain that Max feels is evident in their conversation and he essentially begs Carter to come back to her family, but despite his attempts Carter still says she can't stay. Crash grows impatient and is clearly frustrated by the conversation between Carter and Max and he enters the gas station.

In a poor attempt to stage a robbery he shoots Max in what appears to be an accident, but the look on his face shows no remorse at all.

Their emotions get the best of them as Carter calls 9-1-1 and stays to help Max, crying hysterically and yelling at Crash, who freaks out and fleas the scene, despite being seen on camera.

A montage of quotes and scenes involving Max is intertwined with images of the Wilsons in the hospital waiting room. They learn he is in stable condition, but that he must go through a risky surgery. Liz tries to be motherly towards Carter, and her motherly ties appear stronger as she agrees to stick by Carter's side as detectives question her in the waiting room.

It seems to overwhelm Carter and Liz tells the detectives off.

Taylor then freaks out, saying she isn't sure which is worse: Carter being abducted or Carter coming home. She says Carter has done nothing but hurt her and everyone around her and that she will, "never forgive her."

The episode ends with mixing images of Carter crying in the hospital with scenes showing her relationships with Max and Crash. Carter goes to the hospital chapel and cries.

Later she sits next to Taylor and Taylor pulls one of her hairs out and tells Carter that's how close she was to losing Max.

David then appears and tells the twin sisters that the doctor has asked to see them.

The first season of Finding Carter has provided audiences with tension and drama filled story lines in each episode. The next episode should be nothing short of extremely moving as the first season comes to a close.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Finding Carter was renewed for a twelve episode, second season on August 19, 2014.

Fans can only hope it packs as much emotion and excitement as the first season, as the lives of the Wilsons, Carter, Lori, and anyone involved with them, progress.

To see full episodes and more exclusive content from the show go to The next episode of Finding Carter airs Tuesday Sept. 9 at 10 p.m. on MTV.