'Faking It' S2 Ep. 2 Recap: Can't Handle the truth or dare

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Tonight's new "Faking It" brought even more awkwardness between the relationship between Amy and Karma.

Amy did her best to deny that her and Karma's situation is weird, and Shane is completely onto how weird it really is. Amy and Karma do their best to act like things are back to normal between them, however despite good first attempts Amy still struggles acting normal.

Amy even asked Lauren to join her and Karma's weekend together.

Lauren found the three of them hanging out almost unbearable, and did her best to raise the tension level in Amy, trying to get her to confess her hook up with Liam.

Lauren raised the weirdness even more by instigating a game of truth or dare. Lauren and Amy were clearly attacking each other, with tension raising dares and truth questions. Off a dare Amy and Karma almost kissed, but Karma quickly changed her mind and went with truth.

She was asked about her sex with Liam, and Amy was also put on spot by a misunderstanding, but quickly avoided any drama. Lauren and Amy quickly fired truth questions at each other, some of which were hitting an all too-personal level.

Amy and Karma seem to be back on track to being best friends again as their sleepover came to an end. Lauren came clean about her intersex, and people seemed to take it in stride and fully support her.

Liam's interaction with both Karma and Amy is even more awkward. His encounters with Amy are almost unbearably awkward, while he also found out he as class with Karma.

Liam and Shane had made plans to go out together, however Liam was quickly distracted and befriended by new student Theo.

The three went out to a country bar and the three took on the bar regulars in a bar fight. The tension between Liam and Shane is clear as Liam is mad at Shane for breaking his trust.

The next episode of "Faking It" airs Tuesday, Oct. 7th at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.