Everything to Know About Zayn Malik vs Naughty Boy

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Finally, Zayn Malik spoke up against Naughty Boy's antics surrounding him in a way that would make his sassy ex-bandmate proud.

Malik was hanging out with Naughty Boy a lot in the lead up to his exit from the band.

The two had even been working on a song for the album together called "One Chance to Dance." Which lead to first drama when the song was not selected to be a part of the album at all.

There relationship even seemed pretty okay when Louis Tomlinson subtweeted about a picture Naughty Boy had posted of himself and Malik.

It had seemed like Malik was getting tired of all the time Tomlinson had gotten into twitter fights with Naughty Boy as Malik replied in defense of Tomlinson's tweet.

Naughty Boy leaked snippets of Malik's "No Type" cover music video on his snapchat.

The audio of Malik singing Rae Sremmurd's song was leaked by British rapper, MicRighteous, back in June on the artists SoundCloud.

The cover was removed almost immediately. Naughty Boy denied any involvement in the audio leak but McRighteous's tweet back would make any suspicious of that.

This isn't the first time that Naughty Boy leaked some of Malik's work. About a month after Malik had separated from One Direction, Naughty Boy posted "I Won't Mind," a solo song of Malik's.

While that song hasn't been removed from the internet, it seems like Malik did not want it up. So the music video leak seems to be the last straw and Malik finally tweeted his displeasure of Naughty Boy.