Elon Musk's Twitter Shows That He May Be The Real Life Tony Stark

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Elon Musk has a life straight out of the comic books.

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As CEO of Tesla Motors and a leading figure in efforts to make space flight a regular thing through Space X, he leads two cutting edge industries.

When he's not appearing on television explaining what new marvel his companies will be unveiling, he's jet-setting around the world, living a life that's starkly different from the one chosen by most innovators.

Rather than following the earnest, geeky Bill Gates model, or the somewhat more mysterious (but still geeky) Steve Jobs template, Musk lives a much more public life.

His active Twitter feed shows him traveling the world, moving from one exotic locale to the next.

It also shows that he's not uncomfortable name-checking Johnny Depp and Tony Hawk -- something Gates seems unlikely to do.

Musk may not be donning a robot suit to battle crime (or at least we don't know about it) but his social media suggests he's as close to Iron Man's Tony Stark (without the obvious alcohol problem) as we're likely to get in real life.

Though he doesn't rub in your face the way most social media celebrities do, Musk appears to be living dream life where he can be leading the revolution in electric cars one minute and appearing on a Japanese game show the next.