Ellen DeGeneres Pulls Off An Epic White House Mannequin Challenge

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Just when you thought The Ellen Show mannequin challenge was epic, Ellen DeGeneres manages to top it with a White House mannequin challenge featuring some pretty big names in sports, entertainment and technology.

Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Diana Ross, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar were just some of the huge names of celebrities attending the White House's Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony.

DeGeneres herself received a medal and it wouldn't be a visit to the White House without that classic DeGeneres touch.

So, DeGeneres got some of her friends together for one of the most epic mannequin challenges to hit the internet. There is no debate when it comes to DeGeneres receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Everyday DeGeneres strives to make her viewers and audience members happy. She is also a philanthropist and constantly gives a ton of stuff away on her show.

DeGeneres is quite frankly just a nice person and never asks or anything in return.

So, congrats Ellen DeGeneres! You can check out the awesome White House mannequin challenge in the video below. If you want to check out the entire ceremony, it can be streamed here.

Ellen DeGeneres Pulls Off An Epic White House Mannequin Challenge