Ellen DeGeneres Inserts Herself In 'The Voice' Coaches Jam Session

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What can be better than the coaches of The Voice coming together for a jam session with TLC's "Waterfalls?" Well, that would be Ellen DeGeneres joining them for a couple of ad-libs and some vocals.

The hilarious DeGeneres introduced the video without warning her fans she was in it. She said The Voice coaches did something cool by having a jam session and she thought it was really great.

What fans would later find out is that DeGeneres inserted herself into the video with a citar-looking instrument. She chimed in with the rest of during the chorus and even encouraged Alicia Keys.

Towards the end of the video, DeGeneres comically plays on the runs that a singer would include in their songs.

The video was cut perfectly so that after her vocals, you can hear Adam Levine say, "I love that, that's it, whatever that was, that was awesome." If you're looking for a little something to brighten up your day, this is it right here.

Check out The Voice jam session featuring Ellen DeGeneres in The Ellen Show video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Inserts Herself In 'The Voice' Coaches Jam Session