Ellen DeGeneres and Drew Barrymore Play An Epic Game of Heads Up

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Drew Barrymore is the star and executive producer of the new TV series Santa Clarita Diet.

She recently stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about the show, however, it was her epic game of Heads Up that was the big highlight of her visit.

DeGeneres and Barrymore did something a little different for this game of Heads Up. For starters, they both disappeared behind the stage for some time and came out wearing some magical Disney dresses.

These gowns were straight out of a fairytale and Barrymore said that everyone may think it's a joke but that is her daily life.

DeGeneres quickly explained the game and Barrymore acted out some pretty awesome clues. As Barrymore acted out a lap dance DeGeneres said she didn't know what it was but she likes it.

Meanwhile, Barrymore proved that it wasn't easy to roll over in a princess dress.

It was DeGeneres' turn to give the clues and if you know anything about Ellen DeGeneres, you know it was a blast.

Check out the hilarious game of Heads Up with Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres In The Ellen Show video below.

Ellen DeGeneres and Drew Barrymore Play An Epic Game of Heads Up