E60: 'First In Flight' Rory Bushfield & Sarah Burke's Touching Story

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The sport of free-skiing was rocked when Sarah Burke lost her life during an accident in 2012 in a re-airing of E60's "First In Flight" ESPN highlights how Burke is being remembered by her husband Rory Bushfield everyday of his life.

(3 Part "Winter Sessions" Video featuring Bushfield and Burke From The Ski Channel Below)

E60 honors Burke for her selfless personality and kind heart as well as sheds light on how her legacy continues through Bushfield and through her foundation.

It first aired on February 14 of this year and is now getting a special repeat.

"Rory Bushfield, or 'Bushy' as he's known among friends, hasn't slowed down much in the three years since he lost his wife, legendary freeskier Sarah Burke, who died in January 2012 from injuries sustained in a halfpipe crash," according to XGames/ESPN "Instead, Bushfield's chosen to fully live out Burke's philosophy of making each day one to remember."

Burke was training for 2012's upcoming X Games when she suffered a brutal fall that severed a vital artery sending her into cardiac arrest. During the cardiac arrest Burke was suffering from inefficient oxygen transfer to the brain worsening her condition.

Burke was a beloved athlete who was known for her generosity, incredible talent and big heart.

She was a fearless competitor that was already landing tricks that most men weren't even completing at the time. She wanted to be an Olympic Gold Medalist and her father helped push her towards it.

Bushfield began skiing professionally and made the U.S. Olympic team. He soon quit the Olympic dream and pursued a new dream in freeskiing and his new love.

The love of adrenaline brought them together and in February 1, 2009 Burke competed in the Winter X Games and won the second place medal.

She then proceeded to win three consecutive gold medals in the competitions. She was a pioneer for all women who compete in the event today.

In January 5, 2009 Burke was competing in another new women's event for X Games when she suffered a horrible crash. She was trying to complete a 900 when she broke her vertebrae and her back. She had a compression fracture and dodged a bullet.

Burke competed in the event despite warning from Bushfield. They both made their home in British Colombia where Bushfield took up a new hobby, flying.

The story of their proposal is heartwarming as Bushfield failed the first time he tried to propose to her by writing "Marry Me Sarah" in the middle of no where with Kool-Aid.

He was finally able to succeed in getting her to go flying with him, that's when she saw the sign and he popped open the box.

On April 6, 2011 the Winter Olympics announced that there would be a Women's halfpipe in 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Burke was seen as a favorite for the event, until the tragedy struck. She was in a coma and on life support for nine days while Bushfield read to her and spoke to her.

Sarah Burke died at the age of 29 and seven days later at the Winter X Games she was honored by participants of the spot. Bushfield admit's that he was mad at skiing and everything after the loss.

He didn't know what to do next and in order to honor her memory, he decided to spread her ashes in some of the most beautiful places around the world.

He even spread it in the halfpipe in Sochi, Russia during the 2014 Olympics where the rest of the competitors paid homage.

Towards the end of the E60 episode, Bushfield base jumps off a bridge in Twin Falls a parachute opens and written in red is the name of his love Sarah.

Bushfield has adopted the hashtag #blowitifyougotit, according to the article. The motto is a gung-ho approach to life where he encourages everyone to "get out there and get after it. He started freeskiing and became world champion.

During his introduction to the sport he met Burke in 1997 at a ski camp in Whistler. At first Bushfield says he thought Burke was a guy but realized that she was a beautiful girl according to XGames.

Bushfield's free spirit had finally found it's match in Burke. When they were younger the two did all kinds of crazy things together.

In "Winter Sessions" video below, Bushfield recalls one time where Burke threw a rock into the window of his car and told he she didn't think it would break.

From watching footage of them together you know that they were meant to be together.

They were both adrenaline junkies and while Burke had much more success at X Games and had more of a winning career, Bushfield was always there to support her and be there when she needed him proving the type of people they both were.

Both Burke and Bushfield said that they are the happiest when they're in the mountains in their "Winter Sessions" video. Burke's Agent Michael Spencer says that she was seen as the Michael Jordan of the sport.

She was the first female to do a 1080 and back to back flares in a pipe.

She was a driving force in women's events for X Games and freeskiing events and her persistent nature and determination brought much joy to all female athletes who compete today.

"Bushfield hopes to continue that legacy, and through his work at the Sarah Burke Foundation, he and others have helped give out thousands of dollars in scholarships to rising skiers and other athletes in Burke's name over the past three years," according to X Games.

"'You only live once. So you've got to blow it if you've got it," said Bushfield in the X Game feature.

"'Be generous if you have the opportunity to,' he says. 'I try my best to live how Sarah did.'"

For more on the Sarah Burke Foundation click here.

Below is a three part video that was a part of The Ski Channel's "Winter Sessions" tribute to Sarah Burke in 2013, just over a year after her passing.

Part 1

Part 2

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