Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Visits The Ellen Show

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about his adorable workout buddy and get a little surprise from Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres said she had not sat down with The Rock since the birth of his daughter who is now 11-months-old. The Rock said she is doing very well and pretty much likes to drum on his head, however, it's his fault for teaching her those bad habits.

Meanwhile, there is another adorable member of The Rock's family, his dog Hobbs. Hobbs is The Rock's workout partner and is just a year old.

I have a huge surprise for @therock tomorrow... like, huger than his arms.

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Meanwhile, The Rock shared the fact that he is loved by a lot of moms which was kind of weird. As a special treat, DeGeneres first listed all of the things that The Rock is good at before introducing a montage she narrated, about his rise to becoming a sex symbol.

The hilarious video went through his early days of sporting a fanny pack, to adopting his bad boy persona as a wrestler.

It eventually led to the first time announcement that he was officially named People magazine's sexiest man alive.

Out came the falling streamers and the oversized magazine cover to the surprise of The Rock. You can check out The Rock's interview from The Ellen Show and the People magazine announcement in the videos below.

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