Drew Barrymore Surprises The Ellen Show Fans For '5 Second Rule'

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As Ellen DeGeneres and Twitch got The Ellen Show excited for 5 Second Rule, DeGeneres revealed that she is producing a show that premieres Friday on NBC called, First Dates.

It follows people on real life blind dates and to get fans excited for the show, she welcomed the First Dates narrator, Drew Barrymore in for a dating edition of 5 Second Rule.

Barrymore came to the stage greeted by plenty of cheer. DeGeneres said the actress has a distinct voice and it was great to have her narrating the show.

The show played a clip of First Dates and it looks to be a pretty funny show.

DeGeneres was able to get through her first round of 5 Second Rule but it was a bit harder for Barrymore.

DeGeneres even got caught up in round two and Barrymore seemed so excited she forgot to hit the buzzer after naming five examples.

Fans found out that Barrymore's favorite excuse for leaving a bad date. It happened to be that there was an avalanche.

DeGeneres felt like Barrymore must have been dating some stupid people who would believe such a story as that one.

You can check out the entire game in The Ellen Show video below and catch First Dates on NBC this Friday April 7.

Drew Barrymore Surprises The Ellen Show Fans For '5 Second Rule'